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Reinforced Concrete Structures: Design according to CSA A [Omar Chaallal, Mohamed Lecherni] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. visions for the seismic design of high-strength concrete structures in the Canadian standard CSA A– It is noted that the Canadian standard. This paper presents the background experimental and analytical research that was carried out to develop the provisions for the seismic design.

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Some examples of non-homogeneous equations are found in Clauses Collector — an element that serves to transfer forces within a structural diaphragm to members of the seismic force resisting system. It is based on either elastic or inelastic behaviour.

Spiral column — a column in which the longitudinal reinforcement is enclosed by a spiral. Deformed wire or welded wire fabric of equivalent area may be used.

In calculating dc and A, the effective clear concrete cover need not be taken to be greater than 50 mm. Comment on draft standards Influence national and international standards development by commenting on draft standards online. a23.3-0

Canadian Standards Association 4 Concrete quality, mixing, and placement 4. Column — a member that has a ratio of height to least lateral dimension of 3 or greater and is used primarily to support axial compressive load.

Standards Council of Canada

Such tests shall simulate the effects of differential settlement, creep, shrinkage, and temperature change based on a realistic assessment of such effects occurring in service. Accordingly, this simplified method shall not be used for members subjected to significant tension, and the longitudinal reinforcement for all members shall be proportioned as specified in Clause These revised design provisions are based on the modified compression field theory.


Authorized use of this document This document is being provided by CSA for informational a23.304 non-commercial use only.

Canadian Standards Association Design of concrete structures A For non-prestressed composite members containing more than one type of concrete, the portion of the member in compression shall determine whether the values specified in Table 9. A closed tie can be made up of several reinforcing elements with seismic hooks at each end. Canadian Standards Association Design of concrete structures Strong connection — a connection that remains elastic while adjoining members experience yielding a233-04 a result of the design displacement.

For other cxa, the values shall be modified as Note: The calculation of k shall be based on the properties specified in Clause Beam — an element subjected primarily to loads and forces producing flexure.

This structural system qualifies for a force modification factor, Rdof 4. If the effects of cracking are not included, the redistribution of stresses due to the anticipated cracking and the effects of this a23.3-044 on the reinforcement layout should be explicitly considered in the design of the reinforcement.

Precast and prestressed concrete. Influence national and a233-04 standards development by commenting on draft standards online. For two-way slab construction, n shall be taken as the clear span in the long direction, measured face-to-face of supports in slabs without beams and face-to-face of beams or other supports in other cases.

CSA A | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

The applicable load combination shall be taken as the one that results in the a2.3-04 unfavourable effect for the limit state under consideration. Contact Contact Us Help. Moment or shear Positive moments End spans Discontinuous end unrestrained Discontinuous end integral with support Interior spans Negative moments Negative moment at exterior face of first interior support Two spans More than two spans Negative moment at other faces of interior supports Negative moment at interior face of exterior support for members built integrally with s23.3-04 Where the support is a spandrel beam or girder Where the support is a column Shear Shear csx end members at face of first interior support Shear at faces of all other supports 1.


In determining the geometry of the truss, account shall be taken of the required dimensions of the struts and ties. The hooks shall engage peripheral longitudinal bars.

Project MUSE – Reinforced Concrete Structures : Design according to CSA A

If the modulus of elasticity is critical to the design, the designer should establish whether such concrete can be produced. Stirrup — reinforcement used to resist shear and torsion stresses in a structural member.

Ductile connection — a connection that experiences yielding as a result of the design displacement.

Canadian Standards Association b one end continuous: Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Ductile moment-resisting frame — a moment-resisting frame that complies caa Clauses