Vishnu sahasranama (sanskrit) (pdf, 79kb). Vishnu Sahasranama . Om > Deities > Dattatreya > names of Dattatreya (decl). names of Dattatreya ( decl). dattatreya related Sanskrit Documents in IAST script, available in various Indian dakārādi śrī dattasahasranāmastotram | dakArAdi shrI datta sahasranAma. Sri Dattatreya Sahasranama Stotram & Namavali: Buy Sri Dattatreya Sahasranama Stotram & Namavali online –

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The part 2 of the Book covers all the Avadhoot of Datta lineage. Shirdi Saibaba has also been presented. The Omkarananda Ashram Switzerland is thinking to translate this book in German, too. Hopefully, it will work out by next year. At the same time.

Lord Sahsaranamam Moorti was supposed to be installed. We thought that Lord Dattatreya didn’t want to stay with us in this shape and form. Satish Oza, whom we have known for over three decades as a Datta-Bhakta, to select a Moorti according to his choice.

This Sanskrit Shloka on Lord Dattatreya as presented in above form, was prepared by an Ashram devotee. In our Ashram, all are only European Devotees. Similarly, inas per Swami Omkaranda’s wish, Mr.

Ilango, attended the Pratishta-ceremony of Shirdi Sai Baba with his wife. At the same time Mr. Oza proposed the need for more Dattatreya literature in the Ashram and left several books of Shri Rangavadhootji Maharaj with us, printed in English.

However, parallel to this, we felt the need to obtain Dattatreya literature on a scholarly level to study the development of Datta- Sampradaya on a historical basis which in turn could be useful to inspire European devotees in the University and on an academic level. Swami Omkarananda was very particular to obtain all the important books of shaasranamam Vedas, Yagnas and various scriptures. With proper typing we prepared the thesis on today’s standard state of art publication.

Dhirubhai Joshi approached us and mentioned that Nareshwar Ashram also has the facility to print English literature. They would acknowledge our initial efforts and asked us to send a copy of the completed work. At his request we sent him the ready-to-print computer-setting CD and hard-copy. Dattatrey this way both Nareshwar Ashram and Omkarananda Ashram have collaborated to bring this Datta Thesis to the wider European and English-speaking audience. We express our gratitude to Dr.


Joshi is happy to spread his work to fulfil the wish of the European circle as mentioned above and g ave us the permission to put it on our web site www. According to the advice of Mr.


In addition to that our contacts in Russia have also welcomed this proposal with warm heart. University of Baroda Research Series”. The thesis “Dattatreya Worship in India” by Dr. Joshi, formerly of the Rama- yana Department, Oriental Institute, is published as the ninth volume of this series.

We acknowledge with thanks the financial sahasransmam received from the University Grants Commission, which gave us a grant of half the cost of this publication.

Prof. Thiagarajan

Vidyaranya refers to him as a promulgator of right knowledge in the Treta age. Siva Purana also glorifies him in the same way. Moreover, he is connected with Yoga also.

His teachings are based mainly on knowledge and Yoga. Yet in Indian literature the personality of Dattatreya is somewhat unique in the sense that much has gathered round his name. Various opinions are held as regards his heads and hands. The same is the case with his connection with other sects.

Hence, I have divided my thesis into two parts. In the first part, I have discussed the question of Indian Trinity from all its aspects as is seen that the idea of trinity developed fully into the form of Dattatreya. Moreover, Dattatreya, in the present form is worshipped as an incarnation, of all the three principal gods of Hindu pantheon, viz. Brahma, Visnu and Rudra. His triple nature is shown either by three heads or six hands.

The second part of the thesis deals with the activities of the promulgators of the School, the relation of different Sects, both internal and external and the synthetic outlook behind all the things connected with the god. It is natural that the god who is worshipped even to-day attracts the devotees to write the literature which exposes their devotional heart.

In the same way, a system of his worship may arise in due course.

Even Sahasrarjuna, we are told 1was performing Dattatreya- Yaga, a sacrifice attached to his name. Hence I have not touched this problem in detail though there is a vast literature about him in the form of manuscripts.

So sahasranama list of manuscripts lying in the different libraries of India is given in the appendix, and the history of the sacred places, where Dattatreya is worshipped even to-day is narrated. While pursuing the problem of my thesis, I found that inspite of many historical as well as literary facts, this school has always stressed the idea of equilibrium – the idea of synthesising the two opposites very effectively and positively. It has got a message for the present world of worries and wars – physical, mental and spiritual.

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I have tried to stress this point when I found it working in transitional periods in the datyatreya of this School. I cannot help expressing a deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness to my revered Guru, Prof.

Dattatreya Sahasranamavali –

I therefore crave his indulgent blessings before I proceed further. I am also thankful to Dr. I am equally grateful to Dr. Shah, Deputy-Director, Oriental Institute for his very useful suggestions that I used to get from time to time during my work.

Patel, Manager of M. The cost towards the publication of this book is equally borne by M.

University of Baroda and the University Grants Commission. The authorities of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Baroda, have greatly obliged me by rendering financial help for study-tour to various places, sacred to Dattatreya. Lastly, I should never forget to thank all those scholars including the members of the staff of Oriental Institute, friends and relatives, together with my wife, Indu, G. Kavi Saheb, Shri A. Modi of Naresvar and Shri A. I owe them much more than what I can express.

I cannot forget to mention the name of my friend Shri Pramod Patel, an artist from Broach who lent me the block of Bhagawan Dattatreya.

In the end I Submit my most humble respects to His Holiness Shri Ranga Avadhuta of Naresvar who is one of the foremost living protagonists of the school at present.

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