Sword in the Storm tells us about a young hero, Connavar of the Rigante. Burdened by the thought of his father being a cow [ ]. Fierce and proud, the Rigante dwell deep in the green mountain lands, worshiping the gods of air and water, and the spirits of the earth. Among. Sword In The Storm . David Gemmell mountains of Caer Druagh, where the Rigante tribe dwell in harmony with the land and its gods.

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Sword in the Storm

Raised alone by his mother until the age of six, he experienced a harsh upbringing in a tough urban area, suffering bullying and taunts from his peers, partly due to the absence of his father, [1] and often sustained serious injuries through fighting.

And it gets even better in the Drenai Saga where not only is there large time gaps xword these gaps don’t necessarily go forward in time.

About a woman reader and in the beginning I agreed, but after finishing the book I believe it no man could of done tje. I’m not sure how he manages to do that, but I’m hooked. And of course, they’re irresistible to women.

It was accepted in and teh in under the new title, Legendgoing on to achieve considerable commercial success. Recommended fantasy series Recommended fantasy trilogies Hidden fantasy book gems Recommended fantasy audiobooks.

The six kingdoms of man are fractured, unallied and always clawing at each other’s doors for more power. The Memory Stone By: In mid, Gemmell was on a trip to Alaska when he became discomforted.


David Gemmell Rigante Series | SFF Chronicles forums

He takes with him Paraxan aging tracker who takes a liking to Connavar. But dark powers threaten other lands. She struggles to add so much base that the words come out choppy and all emotion is lost from her delivery.

Ive never come across another writer whos sequels are largely spaced apart time frame wise, guess ill just have to read them all and make my mind up about them. He is Connavar, the Demonblade, born in a storm that doomed his father… A man with the makings of greatness will always have enemies and from the start of this epic chronicle it is prophesized that the armies of the Stone will one day cross the water…and that their coming will be like an avalanche.

References to John Wayne movies are also found throughout the first two books in the Rigante series, Sword in the Storm and even more-so in Midnight Falconwhere his main character Bane, is a pugilist. The world is dark and unafraid, and they will understand only the violence he delivers to them.

That part made it worth reading the whole book to me. And the legendary warrior Argurios, cloaked in loneliness and driven only by thoughts of revenge.

His death is actually pretty good but then he’s off making Seidh weapons for Conn in his not-quite-afterlife? If you read this I garauntee that you all be hooked. That is the best part. We are experiencing technical difficulties. It is not war that leads to murderous excuses but hate. I just don’t buy it in the serious and otherwise realistic tone Gemmell writes with. Has anyone involved in the production bothered to take a listen to the last book called Stormrider as narrated by Christopher Kay?


This seems to be the overall theme in Sword in the Storm, the third novel I’ve read by David Gemmell. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. It reads more like ths tale of Fionn MacCumhail or ye warriors of olde which I presume is intentional but just doesn’t work for me. And then a few chapters down the road, he does something even worse. Archived from the original on 19 May Other books in the series.

Except this time, I don’t believe him. I loved the writing and the story telling of Gemmell.

The Seidh, malevolent forces of nature, sense his inner turmoil and decide to use him as a plaything, granting him one wish… When one day a bear attacks him and his friends, he refuses to dagid ground and attacks the animal, earning him mortal wounds and eternal glory. That journey will test him in ways he had never expected, forcing him to use every ounce of his training just to stay alive.

This is one of many books that I have read numerous times over the years that bloody good. The consistent presence of redemption in Gemmell’s work reflected his Christian beliefs. However I was truly disappointed when I heard the Narration.

After the conquest, Conn sees how the Stone army decimate the Perdii, killing many of the survivors, selling the rest into slavery and murdering the children. The first four novels were published in an omnibus edition as Stones of Power: