Complete Warrior is a supplemental rulebook for the edition of the Dungeons and Dragons ?x=dnd/cwc/a; ^ Ryan, Michael (December 5, ). “Product Spotlight: Complete Warrior”. Wizards. D&D Complete Scoundrel. Uploaded by. Addy Hernandez. D&D – Psionics Handbook. Uploaded by. a D&D E – Monster Manual II. Uploaded. Home · Documents; D&D Complete Warrior DESCRIPTION. Complete Warrior handbook for D&D

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Improved Familiar This feat allows spellcasters to acquire a new familiar from a nonstandard list, but only when they could normally acquire a new familiar. Now there are divine feats here as well.

Feats in Complete Warrior – D&D Tools

The “fluff” is much better comlete what was in the previous classbooks because it isn’t as long, and the writing is better. You can channel energy to increase your speed and durability. You are trained in defensive techniques against charging opponents. These new classes don’t always take the path you’d expect them to, either.

Courage, Fate, Nobility, Planning and Tyranny; suggestions are made as to which deities from the Player’s Handbook may award these domains. It’s all updated to 3. Retrieved August 11, Actually, I find it more a relief than a surprise, for I wasn’t that fond of most of the prestige classes in Sword and Fist. You can crush opponents when you grapple them.


Damage reduction as clmplete class feature or innate ability.

Complete Warrior Feats | World Walker Chronicles Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Hex Blade, with a limited spell list and more in common with a fighter-sorcerer hybrid, has some interesting potential as a neutral or evil character. You know how to hit your cpmplete enemies where it hurts.

You have mastered the style of fighting with a quarterstaff, and have learned special maneuvers that complement this unique weapon. You gain a signifi cant defensive advantage while fighting with two weapons.

When it comes to styles, there’s a healthy range of artists found therein.

Complete Warrior Feats

This is one way to address that and allows one to do more in combat than swing-hit-miss. You are trained in fighting foes larger than you are. The creature can try to d&x you off by making a grapple check opposed by your Climb check. You are a master of fighting with two maces at the same time, and have learned to strike your foes with lightning speed.

You can bring the fight to close quarters in the blink of an eye. There are 10 feats of this sort. You can make mounted overrun attempts against more than one foe, resolving each attempt according to the rules on page and of the Player’s Handbook.

D&D 3.5 Complete Warrior

It’s not quite the same though. You have mastered the style of fighting with a halberd, complwte can use all parts of the weapon–blade, spike, hook, or butt–to strike devastating blows. You can make an attack from the prone position and take no penalty on your attack roll.


If you draw a light weapon and make a melee attack with it in the same round, you catch your opponent fl at-footed for the purpose of this attack only.

Your superior insight allows you to strike objects with impressive You can shatter barriers and objects when enraged. First, you throw your net; if you hit and successfully control your foe by winning the opposed Strength check, you may immediately take a 5-foot step toward your opponent and make a full attack with your trident.

Each time you take this feat it applies to a new ranged weapon. You recover lost hit points and ability score points faster than you normally would, according to the table on the next page. When wielding a melee weapon, add your Intelligence modifier rather than your Strength modifi er to the weapon’s damage rolls. compete

For those who want feats, the book has you covered.