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With no apparent irony, Lehrer even calls dopamine, in one sub-heading, “The Molecule of Intuition”, which rather recalls George Lucas’s attempt to explain the Force by appeal to Midi-Chlorians in the Jedi bloodstream.

As a reader, I decided to scan his credentials; editor at large for Seed magazine.

However, he did not and I realize that the neuroscience to describe this phenomenon may not exist at decksive point. The first anecdote I thought was very interesting momen described how a person who lost the emotional center in their brain in an accident stopped being able to make ANY decisions AT ALL: But Robinson goes even further in one sense, citing research on the enteric nervous system, “a ‘second brain’ inside the intestines” so “gut feelings” are not wholly metaphorical.

Your theory or hunch of what someone else is feeling can be right or wrong.

The Decisive Moment by Jonah Lehrer (3 star ratings)

Turns out, our author is faking more than the nose dive; the anecdote is a sham. I’m sure some of it is falsified. The narrative is quite often needlessly repetitive. Instead, go on holiday while your unconscious mind digests it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. One of the early messages of the book is that we should embrace emotion in our decision-making.


Although Lehrer touches on this aspect of emotion, he most commonly refers to the emotional brain as the center of our subconscious hunches, intuitions, pattern identification, and even morality. The Best Books of Since Plato, philosophers have labeled decision making as either rational or emotional: How can a neuron be surprised, any more than a neuron can be happy, or a neuron can prefer Chopin to Wagner?

The guy was impervious to any emotional provocation. The problem is that the book is littered with facts tossed out here and there, many of which are not accurate.

Out of control

Plato thought of the mind as a chariot pulled by two horses. The children who rang the bell within a minute were much more likely to have behavioral problems later on. While that part has gotten repetitive for me, the author does come to some feasi I think I have to stop reading listening to these kinds of books i. It might fecisive improve your life.

The Decisive Moment

Not a novel – more like a textbook on neuroscience. And why we donate thousands of dollars to help a single African war orphan featured on the cover deciskve a magazine but ignore widespread genocides in Rwanda and Darfur. His opinion on financial investment strategy is difficult to understand.


Experienced golfers should focus on general aspects of their intended movement, what psychologists call a holistic cue word. He was fired from his corporate fecisive position; his businesses failed, his marriage failed, he’d been taken in by a scam, he’d gone bankrupt.

The regrettable outcome is that kids never learn how to learn. It went from a four star down to a three. Intellectually, I am wary.

It changes everything about how we view good and evil and how we relate to those who commit the bad acts. Don’t neglect your intuition’s emotional feelings. Why do we cheat on diets, or buy on impulse? Neuroscience is endlessly fascinating to me. The prefrontal cortex can only handle so much information at any one time, so when a person gives it too many facts then asks it to make a decision based on the facts that SEEM important, that person is asking for trouble.

Intuition is frequently dismissed as irrational, an impulse based on emotion.