DECRETO 3074 DE 1968 PDF

Decreto ley núm. 44/91/M, por el que se aprueba el reglamento de higiene y seguridad del trabajo de la construcción civil de Macao. .. de de Presupuestos del Sector Público para el año ; Ley , que establece Decreto Supremo N°/, y sus modificaciones, y el Decreto Supremo 3, WALES. UNIVERSITY OF WALES TRINITY ST DAVID 3, . BULGARIA. TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY SOFIA. 3, emitir el Poder Ejecutivo mediante decreto y de conformidad con la tabla que establece U TI. AIF. CESSNA. MONOMOTOR. L. IO. AL. F. A R. O. MEO. 3.,1. 5. 0.,0. 0. 0. AC. IES. EMB.

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It concerns requirements for officers and their training, appointment and removal, awards and penalties, benefits for officers and officers’ retirement from active service. It specifically stipulates that the annual written examination conducted for entry positions in the Public Service, pursuant to the Law on Public Service, based upon paragraph a of the 5th phrase of article 3 of the Law, shall not be conducted forand the position lists submitted annually to the Parliament for approval, pursuant to articles 2 and 2A of the Law, shall not be submitted for Competences and duties of police members Chapter V: Trade Board Ordinance 15 of Cap.

It sets out a scale of basic wages and provides for remuneration in respect of overtime, stoppage imputable to the undertaking, edcreto, home-work, hazardous work, work on weekends, etc. No entity or individual may engage in the labor dispatch business without licensing.

Agency employees who wish to leave the country for private reasons, including “sightseeing”, must first resign and then submit to “screening procedures” regulation 2. Its provisions supplement those of the Ordinance of the same date respecting labour relations in such undertakings Text No. The 34 sections of these Regulations set forth the manner in which the system of engaging workers under contracts of employment 0374 to be administered.


Article 6 introduces new article 30A, regarding the edifying and instructional competency.

Section 63 stipulates that the right to join trade unions and any related rights shall be guaranteed for all public servants. Provisional Regulations on the implementation of the system of contracts of employment in state-run enterprises, issued by the State Council.

Las propiedades regidas por las leyes de propiedad horizontal, reguladas por las Leyes de y 16 de Other various provisions Chapter IX: Amendments giving the Nursing Board of Hong Kong wider discretion in considering suitability of candidates for training in nursing courses.

Article 8 regulates the readmission of an employee into the Service.

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Part 7 deals exclusively with breach and liability for breach of contract. These Regulations are intended to further the development of a labour contract system, and are comprised of the following Chapters: Article 6 amends article 12 by adding, under the 1st phrase, a new reservation regarding the computation of the income resulting from a pension provided by the social security fund, and by adding, under the 2nd phrase, new paragraph h worded as follows: The Regulations set forth the mandatory contents of a contract of employment s.

Establishes that if a person was medically examined within a period of 24 months immediately preceding application for medical examination, the Director of the Medical Bureau for Occupational Diseases may refuse that person’s application for medical examination.

Chile – Condiciones de empleo – Ley. Y respecto al decreto — ley deart.

Article 5 replaces article 10 with new one, concerning the voluntary early termination of service. Management of contracting enterprises; Ch.

To engage in the labor dispatch business, an entity shall apply to the labor administrative department for administrative licensing in accordance with law; and after obtaining licensing, shall undergo corresponding company registration formalities in accordance with law. Regulations for the Determination of Basic Wage, Refers to the conditions of promotion of police officers, as well as to the functioning of the Evaluation Committee.


If the dispute involves ten or more employees, it shall be considered to be a collective one s. Guarantee and supervision of minimum dr. Sets forth requirements for contracts of employment, recruitment, minimum age 16 years or overworking day 8 hours and week six daysrest days, health protection, dismissals, etc.

Mines and factories shall provide employees with either fixed-term or non-fixed-term employment contracts.

Article 2 provides for the definition of the following terms: Who could help me? Article 15, determines the present Law’s date of entry into force as of the 1st January Agency employees who wish to leave the country for private reasons, including “sightseeing”, must first resign and then submit to “screening procedures” regulation 2.

It also provides for payment in the event of dismissal of a worker. Entry into force 1 Mar. Provisions on contracts of employment, selection, dismissals, 198 and appeals, wage standards, health insurance and resolution of labour disputes. Dispositions concerning debtors, providing for, inter alia, an employer’s obligation to respect the Court’s decision for attaching a part of the debtor’s wages in order to pay off debts.

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No person shall employ in farming activities a child who is under 15 years of age; or who is under minimum school leaving age in terms of any law. Provides for the right for the disabled and the descendants of defended, the disappeared and prisoners’ to be decrreto in the Public Service, according to the legal procedure.

The amount of the payment depends on the worker’s age and length of service.