PDF | On Jul 1, , Miroslava Antić and others published Diferencijalna geometrija mnogostrukosti (in Serbian). Diferencijalna geometrija bavi se izučavanjem geometrijskih svojstava prostora na kojima se mogu primjenjivati metode diferencijalnog računa. Primjeri takvih. Sharing Options. Share on Facebook, opens a new window; Share on Twitter, opens a new window; Share on LinkedIn; Share by email, opens mail client.

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Using computers in teaching mathematics, a fourth year full year undergraduate course in Mathematics. The research in this dissertation is connected with the following subjects: By using the notion of hyperbolic angle between spacelike and timelike vectors, all spacelike curves of constant precession with non-null principal normal and all timelike curves of constant precession in Minkowski 3-space are classified and their explicit parameter equations are given.

Rezultati poslije junskog popravnog ispita, redovni i obnova.

Open Access

Show full item record. Diferencijalna geometrija Differential geometry of curves and surfaces, a third year undergraduate course in Mathematics. Since May 14th, Rezultati poslije aprilskog popravnog ispita, redovni i obnova.

This dissertation, beside Preface and References with 56 items, consists of four chapters: Partial differential and integral equations, a fourth year full year undergraduate course in Mathematics assistant. Elementi vektorske analize, diferencijalne geometrije i teorije polja.


Matematika I Mathematics I, a first year undergraduate course in Mechanical engineering. Uvid u radove i upis ocjena u srijedu, Readers may download papers for personal or educational or scientific use only, and not for any kind of commercial use. Rezultati poslije drugog testa, redovni geometfija obnova. If You have problems opening this site, please email medescribe what operating system You are using Windows, Linux, Unix?

Below one can find more information of the courses I teach by clicking the course name on the left hand side You reach the course website.

Curves in hyperquadrics in Minkowski spaces; 2.

Mathematics I, a fisrst year full year undergraduate course in Electrical engineering assistant. The notion of hyperbolic angle between two timelike vectors is dfierencijalna, so in this chapter it is defined the notion between spacelike and timelike vectors.

Mjera i integral Measure and integration, a third and fourth year undergraduate course in Mathematics. Rezultati poslije drugog junskog popravnog ispita, redovni i obnova.

Rezultati poslije prvog testa, redovni i obnova.

My office hours are Mondays Rezultati poslije popravnog ispita, redovni i obnova. Odabrana poglavlja algebre i geometrije Topics in algebra and geometry, a postgraduate course in Mathematics. Uvid u radove kod predmetnih asistenata u petak, Send an email or come see me in my office.

The lecture notes ate not a tetbook! Finally, in Chapter 4 one of the basic notions in Lorentzian geometry is considered, i.

I also teach at the Faculty of Economics. Matematika za ekonomiste, Univerzitet u Sarajevu — Ekonomski fakultet, Sarajevo, The measure of hyperbolic angle is also defined. All constructive comments and criticism are more than welcome. Depending on the semester I can also be found there.


More precisely, the results related with the spacelike and timelike curves lying pseudosphere in Minkowski 3-space are presented. Diferencijalna geometrija krivih u prostoru Minkovskog Show full item record Title: Lectures on Classical Dierential Geometry.

Vedad Pašić | Nastava – Teaching

Curves – Surfaces – Manifolds. Diferencijalna geometrija krivih u prostoru Minkovskog eLibrary. Rezultati poslije septembarskog ispitnog roka, redovni i obnova. In Chapter 1 the curves lying in hyperquadrics in Minkovski 3-space and Minkowski 4-space are studied. Sometimes the material was written hastily or late at night and they might not have been checked for errors. You can find me at my office located at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics building, room or at the Faculy Dean’s offices.

diferencijalna geometrija – Wiktionary

Diferencijalna geometrija – Zbirka zadataka i repetitorij. Rezultati poslije finalnog ispita, redovni i obnova. Kabinetski sati su ponedjeljkom