Dodonaea angustifolia. Sand Olive (E) Sandolien (A) Native to Southern Africa Shrub, tree. Evergreen Full sun. Frost tolerant. Low water requirements. Dodonaea viscosa var. angustifolia (L.f.) Benth.: Dodonaea viscosa f. angustifolia (L.f.) ; Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustifolia (L.f.) ; Dodonaea viscosa. Dodonaea angustifolia. Sapindaceae. L. f. The leaves are narrowly elliptic and shiny green above; petiole up to 10 mm long. New leaves and young twigs are.

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By Edeth Mukaro T Growing to a height of between 3 and 7 m with a spread of 3 to 5 m, Dodonaea angustifolia is known for its bright green foliage throughout most of the year. Click on images to enlarge. For a sore throat and oral thrush it is used as a gargle.

A list of trees, shrubs and woody climbers indigenous or naturalised in Rhodesia. View other plants in this family QR code link View other plants in this genus.


Display spot characters for this species. As a shrub it can be planted together with other indigenous plants like Gazania krebsianaa groundcover with orange flowers, and Eriocephalus ericoides, wild rosemary, for a well rounded garden.

Flowers inconspicuous, pale green; sepals greenish-yellow, petals absent; stamens brown. Leave this field blank. Dombeya rotundifolia — wild pear — drolpeer. Also as Dodonaea viscosa viscosa Coates Palgrave K. The seed has papery wings and is possibly dispersed by wind. The fruit dodonada a distinctive capsulewith papery wings ; wings pale brown or coral pink.

Derivation of specific name: Origins and meanings of names of South African plant genera. In South Africa there are two recognized taxa: Red data list status: Not listed as a noxious weed by the state or governments in Kenya, Dkdonaea and Uganda.

In addition, many birds use the tree as a nesting site. Inflorescences terminal on the branches.

Medicinal plants of South Africa. Regional Soil conservation Unit, Nairobi, Kenya. Sandy, Clay, Loam Flowering season: Insects associated with this species: The specific epithet viscosa means sticky, referring to the young growing tips which contain surface flavonoids; this gives them a shiny appearance.


Dodonaea angustifolia

Shrub or small tree. The leaves are simple lanceolate with pointed anvustifolia and secrete a gum exudate which gives it a glossy appearance. Flowers are produced from April to August autumn-winter. A checklist of South African plants. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

Scientific name

Sapindaceae Flora Zambesiaca 2 2 Pages – Some components of an integrated management approach are introduced below. Its flowers are small, yellowish green and are followed by decorative clusters of yellow or reddish fruits with papery wings.

A preliminary checklist of the vascular plants of Mozambique. Preliminary checklist of the plants of Botswana.