Dream Jungle [Jessica Hagedorn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jessica Hagedorn has received wide critical acclaim for her edgy. Dream Jungle is a novel by Jessica Hagedorn, a Filipino American author. The book was published in by Penguin Viking press. When people think of the Philippines, many think of shoes, and lots of them — Imelda Marcos’ Givenchy eight-and-a-half stilettos littering the grand presidential .

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Aug 16, Patrick Limcaco rated it it was ok. Sep 13, Ariel rated it liked it Shelves: It was difficult to understand what was going on and point of view changed frequently with no point. The way she tells her story is my favorite way of telling one of my favorite stories of all time: Th A fairly confusing book that switches which character is narrating each chapter with no indication of who the narrator is.

Dream Jungle Reader’s Guide

drfam Oct 11, erica rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love how she was able to capture the nature and flavour of the Philippines. Such a prostitute probably would never exist in real life but is it too much to ask for it in fiction?

National Geographic magazine claimed that the Tasadays ‘as stone age cave dwellers are unique: A few years later, Vincent Moody appears, a captivating but aptly named film celebrity who abandons his girlfriend and son in California to star in a big Vietnam-era blockbuster, Napalm Sunset think Apocalypse Now. Tony Pierce, the egomaniacal director of Napalm Sunset. I love my characters and especially love my villains. I jesica to admit that while I liked the book as a whole, I did wonder why so-n-so I can’t remember the character’s name was included.

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To ask other readers questions about Dream Jungleplease sign up. The filming of this sometimes comic and sometimes disturbing send-up of Apocalypse Now involves a host of variously imbalanced characters, including Vincent Moody, an unhappy child actor grown into a decadent young man yearning for escape.

Bookslut | Dream Jungle by Jessica Hagedorn, The Disinherited by Han Ong

messica How does being back in the Philippines affect her response to jessic of these things? I’m not sure others would enjoy the story, if they didn’t have the same background. In Dream Jungle, Elizalde is thinly disguised as Zamora Lopez de Legaspi, the playboy mestizo mixed race member of the ruling elite.

I would recommend it now. Roger is stunned to learn that he has been bequeathed a large sum of money, and gives into his liberal guilt and decides to give it away despite the strong disapproval of his family. Will your next work—in whichever of your many mediums! The Book of Dreams.

How did this more complex character emerge for you? The scale and ambition of the book is evident.

Jeasica parallel theme is cultural mythmaking. She eventually hooks up with an American actor who is part of a movie about Vietnam that is being shot in the Filipino jungles.

Dream Jungle | South China Morning Post

But those who stick with the book – or Manila – will be taken up with it. This is one of those “What the hell just happened?

Mar 12, Cassandra rated it really liked it.


Barbed and alluring, this third novel by Hagedorn Dogeaters ; The Gangster of Love revolves around the purported discovery of a Stone Age “lost tribe” in the Philippines, and deftly explores late 20th-century Filipino cultural identity.

Despite the ambitious scope and some extremely clever plotting, this novel never really connected with me emotionally, got me involved on a more than surface intellectual level.

He represents a decadent and corrupt upper class, a grown man who can indulge every whim and fantasy. This is my first book by Hagedorn, but it won’t be my last. Dream Jungle – like Jessica Hagedorn’s first novel, Dogeaters – hits the reader gagedorn Manila hits first-time visitors: A Spark of Light.


Try to imagine the impact upon traditional culture that people like Tony Pierce might have. Dying alone in Japan: Bangkok set to sparkle.

Is being forgotten in this novel a tragedy? Dream Jungle is an interesting concept of confronting this question, and in all respects in craft is a well written book. Or is something more going on? In between bites, I grilled her about her much anticipated new novel, Dream Junglewhich debuts this week.

Gotta love the Friends of the Library bookstore – four bucks, can you believe it? May 20, Makereta rated it liked it.

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