And to the DSI crew: Bob Coover, Carson Day, Chris Hector, Tony Karavidas, . In particular, check out the Global Settings section of the manual. Read. Weight, 1 lbs. Dimensions, 10 x 6 x 1 in. Related Products. Poly Evolver Keyboard PE Knob Kit. $ Add to cart. Poly Evolver Keyboard Knob Kit. $ DSI has released a new operating system for Tempest. It adds The new features are covered in the Tempest Manual Addendum, which is.

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New Tempest Drum Machine OS Addresses Bugs & User Requests – Synthtopia

Pitch Bend not working for the digital oscillators… Description: Read through the list, and many of the issues are still not fixed. Both problems are fixed. I have a rytm, tempest, and a machinedrum. Also, the following bugs are fixed that were not on the petition: That is a loooong list of bugs. I will never place my trust or hard cash in any DSI product after this debacle. Thats weird cause i think we have reached the point where recording is above the possibilities of human hearing.

See the DSI forum for details. Between this and the Tetra I was burned twice. DSI is not a big company, ask Dave how many people work there.

16 levels | Dave Smith Instruments TEMPEST User Manual | Page 19 / 90

Doing those things does not make you better, just abnormal. However, this parameter was never implemented. It may have been fixed by fixing bug 3 above.


Keep temest on topic and constructive. We have fixed the problem by locking out edits to the Playlist while it is playing, but edits can still be made while not playing. The only reason this ever got finished is because Roger had has name on it and refused to let the ship sink with his imprint. Why would you feel bad.

DSI could have cared less. To help, the third post in this thread contains a PDF containing suggestions on how to set parameters in order to best optimize the voice-stealing for specific use cases.

16 levels – Dave Smith Instruments TEMPEST User Manual

Trust me this the best advice you can get. Using multiple user names is a technique of spammers, so avoiding this will minimize the chances of your comments being handled as spam.

The tempest had sooo much potential, and had soo many die-hard MPC and Linn fans expecting something very different than what was delivered. When playing back a recorded sound which has pad pressure assigned as a mod source, the sound is modulated by velocity instead.

This title is not quite accurate. Wont dsii getting one of these. There is an advanced bug that causes the pad names to randomly change when auditioning sounds; it happens most predictably when you have auditioned a sound from one pad and then try to audition a sound from another pad.

And those introduced with OS 1. At this price i expect a relativelely close to flawless product. However, with only 6 voices, there will still be cases where a sound will be terminated. The Tempest is god due to the fact that they were the inventors of it I think however.


How you will feel kanual you buy an expensive car and then spend more time fixing it than driving it. Simply put, they dropped the ball on this thing.

New Tempest Drum Machine OS Addresses Bugs & User Requests

Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce this and believe it may have been fixed by fixing bug It would be a shame if not, as the build quality and performance interface are really superb.

Unfortunately we feel that legato glide modes on a drum machine are less important than many other priorities, and are sorry to tell you that these features will not be implemented in order for us to prioritize issues of more importance to Tempest users.

I would suggest you try reading the manual…this stuff has been there since v1. Well, yer pays yer money and you make yer informed choice. Did you see all the videos above? Now all files within each folder are automatically alphabetized, and newly saved or imported files always appear in the correct alphabetized position.