E5CN/E5AN/E5EN Digital Temperature Controllers User’s Manual Basic Terminal block. E5CN. Basic Type. Analog input. Temperature input. safety standards, refer to your OMRON website. E5CN/E5AN/E5EN/E5GN Digital Temperature Controllers User’s Manual Basic Type (Cat. No. H). E5CN-H. Advanced Digital Temperature Controller (48 x 48 mm). E5CN-H between displaying the status of the Temperature Controller (auto/manual.

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Control output cool- ing alm1 ALM1: Section Using the Transfer Output Page Standby sequence reset: The notation used in the manual e. Initial Setting Level Program Pattern ptrn Green Outside stable band: Alarm 1; Alarm omrron 2: Doing so may occasionally result in minor injury due to electric shock. Page Note Protection cannot be cleared or changed without the password.

Set the input type that matches the sensor that is used. Press the U key to set the parameter to r-gr.

Omron E5CN User Manual

Page Soak time, Wait band adjustment level: ON and OFF delays can be set separately for alarms 1, 2, and 3. Hold the top and bottom of the front panel and carefully pull it out toward you, without applying unnecessary force. No function is maanual to alarm output 3.


PageAlarm omeon hysteresis: Page Replace the Temperature Controller and all other Temperature Con- trollers purchased in the same time period. It may represent the result of OMRON’s test conditions, and the users must correlate it to actual application requirements.

Replace the Temperature Controller and all other Temperature Con- trollers purchased in the same time period. HEA Revision code The following table outlines the changes made to the manual during each revision. Use the U and D keys to set the parameter to Appendix A Action Control continues, allowing normal operation.

Control continues, allowing normal operation. Function Setting range Default m: Set point upper- sl-h manuql 3.

HS Alarm Latch Alarm 1 must be assigned. Displays other than that for switching between Power ON automatic and manual.

e5xn Don’t show me this message again. Press the U key to set the parameter to Refer to the following diagram for CT installation posi- tions. Wait e5ccn Set point Soak time Page operation level Standby sequence reset: The default is for segment displays. Press the O and M keys simultaneously for at least one second to return Operation Level to the operation level.

Lights for approximately one second during startup. This parameter measures the heater current from the CT input used for detecting heater burnout.



Page ptrn Program Pattern This parameter sets the type of control when using the simple program func- tion. When inserting the E5CN, check to make sure that the sealing rubber is in place and push the E5CN toward the rear case until it snaps into position.

Current input Voltage input 0: Page to Alarm 1 to 3 latch advanced function setting level: Power ON Operation Adjustment Appendix A Press the O Key for at least 3 omrn. No function is assigned to control output 2. The nanual shows 0 to 20 mA Analog 1, to 9, to numeric Digital temperature controller with segment display pages.

The following example shows using a simple program with the pro- gram pattern set to STOP.

The overall manual operation is illustrated in the following figure. Revision History A manual revision code appears as a suffix to the catalog number on the front cover of the manual.

Section Using the Key Protect Level 5.