JEITA EIAJ Standards (as of August in ). General System, Category and Title , Spec. No. (Test No.) Life Test, JEITA EIAJ ED/ Life TestⅠ, Steady. EIAJ EDA – Read more about eiaj, jeita and EIAJ ED ꞉ (EN) Enviado por Selvakpm Direitos autorais: © All Rights Reserved. Baixe no formato PDF ou leia online no Scribd.

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The visual inspection and ed-402 electrical and optical measurements that are carried out after finishing the tests. Mechanical stress test methods for semiconductor surface mounting devices.

Eiak 2 shows the test conditions proposed. These temperatures were specified in JIS Cand diaj widely adopted by the equipment manufacturers, as it was shown, as the outcome of the sent-out questionnaire regarding standardization of connection reliability evaluation, in “Environmentally harmonized mount technology survey and research report” published in by Japan Electronic Industry Development Association JEIDA.

Push strength test for soldering joint Test Method F saturation A e-d4702 Takahiro Ito Rohm Co. Tt are temperature variation in the field test and under test conditions, respectively, Tmax-f and Tmax-t are the maximum temperatures in the field test and under test conditions, respectively, H is the activation energy of the solder which is 0. Therefore, just an example of test method is introduced in the standard. Accordingly, the test methods standard for the semiconductor devices themselves EIAJ ED cannot cover all the items.


Sharp-Reliability Test Standard for IC_图文_百度文库

Standard diagram and category are shown in Figure 9, and Table 1. Application guide of the accelerated life test for semiconductor devices. Table 2 Drop number Drop height 30 cm eiaaj, cm Drop number times 10, 20 times 3. The pre-treatment, equivalent to the humidity absorption which occurs during the storage period until the actual mounting by soldering, which the specimens are submitted to before the soldering process. This phenomenon might affect to broken strength data.

But both sides mounting are the customer request, so we decided on the mounting method of one side with all company’s agreements.

However, there are few actual test examples about the stress due to vibration or self-heat generation by semiconductor devices. Then, the hold time was specified as 7 minutes at least.

The eaij devices provided for the tests. And, the application of this test method specified in the detail specifications. The responsibility for the assurance of quality is not to be exempted, even if the terms specified in Required Reliability Test Standards are satisfied. Electrical characteristics should be checked while testing.

F Maximum allowable supply voltage? Naohiro Yasuda Fuji Electric Co.

3-3 Standards Related to Reliability Test |Sanken Electric

The life tests and the strength tests was subdivided according to the revision frequency. Propriety of acceleration characteristic of equation eoaj in the market was discussed. From the equation 1it is known that the soldering life is proportional to n-th power of the heat fatigue strain amplitude.


Therefore, correlation with the conditions in the actual usage of the package shall be fully taken into consideration. The measurement method for defects ed-7402 Silicon Carbide Wafer by photoluminescence.

As per individual specification. When the packages subject to the evaluation test are possibly mounted on a double print board, it is recommended to evaluate the life of the soldering with the components mounted on both sides of the board. F 75cm Limited to Frequency? Regarding the drop height, this standard specified as follows with the consideration of field use condition. Component is then to be bended about 90 degrees for 2 to 3 seconds and back to original position with same speed.

It becomes free from the table immediately before collision with floor plate. The treatment which the specimens are submitted to before carrying out the initial measurements and tests. Land sizes define top diameter.