View and Download YOKOGAWA EJXA installation manual online. EJX Series and EJA-E Series Differential Pressure and Pressure Transmitters. EJXA. Manual. Yokogawa Electric Corporation. EJX Series. HART Communication Type .. This manual describes the HART protocol communica- 1 EJXA Get Yokogawa EJXA Manual. Get all Yokogawa manuals!.

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Please read it along with the standard manuals. If the cover is opened, stated enclosure protection is not applicable. Problems occurred during the warranty period shall basically be repaired free of charge. Installation of an Explosion- the following precautions when selecting the installation Protected Instrument location.

Please contact Yokogawa before making any b Ambient Atmosphere repair or modification to an instrument. Do not install mznual transmitter in a corrosive atmosphere.

If this cannot be avoided, there mankal be CAUTION adequate ventilation as well as measures to prevent the leaking of rain water and the presence of standing water in the conduits. This instrument has been tested and certified as being intrinsically safe or explosionproof.

A failure to abide by these restrictions could Type 4X Note 2. II Pressure Transmitters Category: Maximum Process Temperature Tp.

Any safety barriers must be a linear power source whose output current is resistively limited. Refer to the installation diagram Non-Hazardous Location Note 4. Special Conditions for Safe Use locations: Location mankal the mark enx110a of each system. Maximum Input Voltage Ui: Maximum Internal Capacitance Ci: ENENC Normally, only non- conductive pollution occurs. Occasionally, however, temporary conductivity caused by condensation must be expected. It implies the regulation for impulse withstand voltage.

These openings must F If the capillary tube is too long, loosely coil the 3. Pay special attention to High vacuum applications. Vertical height between the HP process connection and the transmitter mm F I nstall the transmitter at least h mm below the Figure 3. I nstall the transmitter at most h mm above the HP process connection Mounting the Flushing The mating flange, gasket, stud bolts and nuts are to The FEP Teflon option includes a teflon film and procured by the customer.

Before mounting the transmitter to the process flange, affix the teflon film as follows: Be careful not to scratch the diaphragm or change the its shape. The air must be removed to ensure Gasket It can be fixed at any Always turn OFF power, release pressure and angle within above range. An integral indicator can be installed in the following 2 Rotate the transmitter section slowly and stop it at three directions. If, for example, gas collects in 4 Removing the Impulse Piping Connecting a liquid-filled impulse line, or the drain of a gas-filled Port Dustproof Cap impulse line becomes plugged, it will not convey the The impulse piping connecting port on the transmitter is pressure accurately.



Since this will cause errors in the measurement output, select the proper piping method covered with a plastic cap to keep out dust. This cap must for the process fluid gas, liquid, or steam. Pay careful be removed ejx110s connecting the line. Be careful not attention to the following points when routing the impulse to damage the threads when removing this cap.

Never piping and ejx11a the impulse piping to a transmitter. Manuql maintain proper sealing, ejc110a sealing If condensate, gas, sediment or other extraneous tape around the nipple threads. To pipe by fastening a U-bolt to its mounting bracket. Before connecting the and low impulse lines, the density difference of the fluids transmitter to the process, study the transmitter in the two lines will cause an error in the measurement installation location, the process piping layout, and pressure.

When measuring flow, impulse lines must be the characteristics of the process fluid corrosiveness, routed together so that there is no temperature difference toxicity, flammability, etc. This cap must be removed before connecting the piping. Be careful not to damage Tap valve Drain plug the threads when removing this cap.

Never insert a Drain valve screwdriver or other tool between the cap and port threads to remove the cap. Select the type of valve most appropriate for the application. To configure and activate the process alarm function and Connecting with the commercial Ejx110x power supply status output, it is necessary to set some parameters. Be sure to use the DC power Refer to each communication manual for manuao. Wire cables through a flameproof packing adapter, or use Two cable glands are attached.

After the cable is secured as explained above, do not tighten the running coupler any further; to do so could damage the RTD connection. Do not pull the cable or subject it to excessive mechanical shock. Follow the domestic electrical requirements RTD, Pt For a transmitter with a Heed the following when wiring an RTD of the 2- or 4-wire built-in lightning protector, grounding should satisfy type.


NOTE Ground terminals are located on the inside and outside of the terminal box. Either of these terminals may be used. Please note that a temperature error will occur when you use a 2-wire RTD because of wiring resistance. Please jex110a not ground the shield on the RTD side of the cable. When wiring, be sure not to damage the cable’s insulation or its core.

Use a slotted screwdriver to turn the zero-adjustment screw. The zero point adjustment can be The local push button on the integral indicator must made with a resolution of 0.

The not be used in a hazardous area. When it is necessary degree of zero adjustments varies with the screw turning to use the push button, operate it in a non- hazardous speed; turn the screw slowly to make a fine adjustment, location. ERR Low set with parameter.

YOKOGAWA EJX110A Installation Manual

Capsule temperature sensor problem. ERR with burnout direction switch. Continues to operate and output. Check settings and change them as OV.

Yokogawa EJXA : Manual

Check the capsule temp. Continue to operate and output. Outputs AO upper limit or AO lower limit. Add HART 7 manual. Add note for wet location in c. Modify structure of Table 1. Add g and h. Add ejx110, b, ejx110w and d. Page ejs110a 57 Go. For Safe Use of Product Model and Specifications Check Selecting the Installation Location Installation of an Explosion-Protected Instrument Mounting the Diaphragm Seals Diaphragm Seals Installation Consideration Mounting the Flushing Connection Ring Affixing the Teflon Film Changing the Direction of Integral Indicator Impulse Piping Installation Precautions Impulse Piping Connection Examples Connections of External Wiring to Terminal Box Power Supply Voltage and Load Resistance Preparation for Starting Operation Add to my manuals Add.

Differential pressure and pressure transmitters 66 pages. Absolute pressure and gauge pressure transmitters, ej series 65 pages. Flange mounted differential pressure transmitters 54 pages. Multivariable transmitter hart communication type 52 pages.

Absolute pressure and gauge pressure transmitters 49 pages. Diaphragm sealed differential pressure transmitters 76 pages.