Electronic voting machine has now replaced the traditional mechanism of voting due to several advantages like security, automatic counting etc. Electronic Voting Machine using , as the idea suggests today we will be working on developing EVM using micro-controller , we will. PREFACE We take an opportunity to present the project report on “Electronic Voting Machine Using Microcontroller” and put before users some useful.

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Electronid 16×2 LCD display is very basic module and is very commonly used in various devices and circuits. This is then converted to the DC using a bridge rectifier.

Governments around the world are increasingly considering the replacement of traditional paper-based voting schemes with electronic voting systems. The first computers had serial ports that used RS, and even current computers have serial ports or at least USB ports that act like RS ports.

Zoom forward to today. Each component should be done neatly. The on-chip Flash allows the program memory to be reprogrammed in-system or by a ordinary nonvolatile memory programmer.

This switch is provided for enabling the keypad in voting mode. We owe it to ourselves and to our future to have robust, well- designed election systems to preserve the bedrock of our democracy. Together with a display in the polling place this approach shortens the time window in which an adversary can perform the ballot stealing attack without almost zero risk.

Our contribution to this is an approach where all secret information is encapsulated in the voting machine. The message stays on the screen until the next user either presses the Init button to cast another vote or Stop switch is pressed get the poll results. If the mcrocontroller issues sanction with his control switch, then only the elector can poll his vote.


The remaining two switches microconteoller active low are to start and stop the voting procedure.

Microcontroller Based EVM-Electronic Voting Machine

At the end of polling, just press the button and there you have the result. As soon as the user votes for a candidate vkting pressing one of the switches, the value of the corresponding variable is increased by one. Your email address will not be published.

This is an interesting project designed with a microcontroller which works as a brain. Additionally, with simulation, you can write and test applications before target hardware is available. Again we also portray counting system of votes, market survey and cost analysis. Buttons are most often biased switches, though even many un-biased buttons due to their physical nature require a spring to return to their un-pushed state. Eleftronic can poll their vote to any one of the competitors.

LCD based voting machine using 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51)

Compilers are programs used usnig convert a High Level Language to object code. You May Also Like: We also acknowledge with thanks Prof. As soon as the user votes for a candidate by pressing one of the switches, the value of the corresponding variable is increased by one. The voting is started by pressing the Init 851 after which the user is prompted to vote. The timers are used for measurement of intervals, to determine pulse width etc.


Remember me on this computer. For this purpose, Microcontroller has an on-chip oscillator which works as a clock source for Central Processing Unit.

So the Electronic voting system has to be improved based on the current technologies viz. Algorithm shown below as follows: When the stop button is pressed, the names of the candidates are displayed along with their vote counts.

The count of votes is stored in four different variables.

In addition, the AT89S52 is designed with static logic for operation down to zero frequency and supports two software selectable power saving modes. After some delay, the result is displayed which could be either declaration of the winner candidate or the candidates with a clash of their number of votes. Deshmukh, Head of the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering for the support and facilities in the usnig.

LCD based Electronic Voting Machine Project using Microcontroller

It is used to carry data. The microcontroller based digital lock for Doors is an access control system that allows only authorized persons to access a restricted area. After every cast of vote, the subsequent count can be seen on LCD. As soon as a particular button on the balloting unit is pressed, the vote is recorded for that particular candidate and the machine nicrocontroller locked.