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Alternate History or Time Shift? Our experiences on the whole have been incredibly positive and incredibly rewarding and we’re grateful to anyone we’ve ever worked with. Elfquesr his part, Kureel was at peace and barely remembered the circumstances of his death, and with that circumstance in mind, granted Stongbow’s request immediately.

We have a simpatico relationship with them that jazzes us up to do the work. Buy the selected items together This item: Not as good as the original quest but had to get the 40th anniversary. We have been so busy the last four or five years that we haven’t gotten out to the conventions, so we’ve not seen a whole lot of our readers and fans and people who might want to meet us.

Please try again later.

Over three million copies of the collected graphic novel volumes have been sold to date. Pages with related products. Though the Pinis have decided to step back from daily production, it’s not the end of “Elfquest. Ravager accused by Bombshell of being a Titans traitor. Voll once asked her to help the female Gliders bear children, and she did, only to make them miscarry in secret, jdt Blue Mountain would not support more of their kind.


Deep thoughts, well formed and presented. Preservers are mentioned by the original High Ones to be the descendants of some sort of goodnatured insect or bug-like creature, that evolved for the better with their influence. We knew from the start how this would end; we had the framework of Elfquest laid down from the beginning.

It would be easier to boil it down into a series than to try to make it into a movie. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

List of Elfquest characters – Wikipedia

Terra in the s. TheDramaturg Feb 2, Your feeling, Apogee, elfquext not uncommon it seems. You’ve already been more than helpful. Thanks, you’ve given me something else to look for in my reading. Three years later, it was old enough to legally purchase liquor. I had already noted that the comics have been published online here I poked around the site a bit before signing up to the forumsbut I wanted to get an idea of where to start reading if at all possible.

Wendy, you said the final page of Issue 24 will parallel jdg first page you ever drew. Comments on a cultural reality between past and future. More importantly, their original homeworld is brought back from destruction as everything concludes with a quote from Cutter: I can’t wait to read the rest.


Elfquest creators Wendy and Richard Pini look back on their creation after 40 years | SYFY WIRE

Junior Scholastic “Christmas on Mars” December 2, In the final issue here, it falls again. But if Cutter is her character, Skywise is mine. The Moon is a Dead World: I’m just getting round to the link you’ve given me with the storyline synopsis. Tyldak loved flying so much that he asked Winnowill to re-shape his body to have wings instead of arms, so that he could truly fly.

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Elfquesy to him, however, the spirits of the Rockshapers and Gliders sensed his presence and journey and alerted the living elves, including Sunstream. Top 10 Comic Book Movies Tag: Their descendants are much larger and more intelligent, the latter by barely.

Not to give any spoilers but the story can be very All of my stories through high school and into college reflected that.

He was one of the rockshapers that were in a permanent trace, living only to fulfill their purpose. When the title ended its first series insales had reachedcopies — circulation numbers that compete with “X-Men” e,fquest “Batman.