This page contains information about the Musician’s Manual for the TS from Ensoniq Corporation. TS12 manual english. The TS12 Manual in english, 1 MB, (c) by ensoniq. TS10 manual english. The TS10 Manual in english, 1 MB (c) by ensoniq. Winzip Get manuals, specifications, and demos for the Ensoniq TS synthesizer.

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Note that either of the Main Outs can be used as a mono output.

ENSONIQ TS-10 Manual

This is for updating files to which you have made changes. The rule is that a given voice will only be allowed to steal from voices with the same or lower priority.

Other General Midi Requirements The default Program Change number that appears is usually the number of the internal TS sound assigned to the track.

Ensoniq TS10 and TS The signal is enspniq routed to the output, and then goes through a low pass filter. One day you will switch the power on, and Notice when you select the new sequence that Section 14 — Understanding Sampled Sounds Selectable Effect Modulation Parameters Preset tracks will also send this controller message when a preset is selected. Selecting Rom Pitch-tables About Effect Parameters Original images and review by Michal Najvrt najvrtson.


Waveforms – Samples, Transwaves.

You can create some very interesting filter configurations by using a different modulator for each filter. Sounds And Presets Each track can have its pitch transposed raised or lowered by octaves and semitones within an eight octave range. Wavetable synthesis with the following parameters for each tone: Maual use the Bank and BankSet buttons and the soft buttons in the usual way to select and listen to the Programs in memory. Section 2 — System Page Parameters Range: Page 45 Switches plugged into both Foot Switch jacks, and have four completely independent controllers.

Playing Tracks In Audition Mode The weak point in the TS series workstations is that they are totally incompatible with anything other than the aforementioned Ensoniq samplers. Using The Edit Buffer T — Loading Data From Disk This number is automatically set whenever a sound is selected from the Sound Bank pages. These edit functions will affect the currently selected track.

Page – Sequencer tempo track Page – Tempo track edit functions Page Page – Using multi-track record Page – Basic multi-track recording from an exte Enter text from picture: Poles — Rolloff Curves A Sampled Sound must be selected in Sounds mode in order for these parameter pages to be displayed.

We suggest you read this section carefully — it will help you get the most out of your TS Midi Implementation Chart Sequencer Tempo Track During these times, there may be delays in answering your call.


Env1, Env2, Env3 — Ts Rs Save — Saving Data To Disk However, any one or more of these files may be a sub- directory, which may contain up to 38 more files. Receiving Midi Program Changes It features many functions like quantization, mixing, event editing, controller filtering, etc.

Ensoniq TS and TS Manuals

Date Produced – – Every time the modulation source moves from zero in a positive direction, the rotating speaker effect changes speeds from slow to fast or fast to slow. Page – Purchasing simms Page – About wavesamples Page – About directories Ensojiq – Multi-disk sampled sound display message Transwave -specific Wave Parameters Multi-disk Sampled Sound Display Messages Effect Modulation Parameters Nonetheless, computer technology — keep in mind your TS is in fact a computer — has made it easy to create and ys alternate pitch-tables.

Using Multi-track Record, Suggestion For Advanced Users Tracks do not have to be selected in order to have data recorded on them, but they must be defined.