Esacure ONE by IGM Resins is a difunctional oligomeric alpha hydroxy ketone. It is a type I photoinitiator. Provides through and surface cure. Formula (1) was prepared using both Esacure M (A) and Esacure ONE (B). The results of the tests performed are reported in figures 1 & 2. Curing was. ONE offers very low odor levels and low migration but suffers from low solubility. A liquid version, Esacure ONE 75, is a 75% solution of ONE in 25% ethozylated.

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A homogenous liquid blend according to claim 1 wherein the diluent is present. To the homogeneous solution water is added.

Thus the inventive photoinitiator blends have a much broader applicability ranging from typical non-aqueous UV-paints up to aqueous UV-systems. The formulations were stirred for a total of 15 min. Photocurable ink composition, inkjet recording method, recorded matter, ink set, ink cartridge, and inkjet recording device. By contrast, Example 9 had a viscosity similar to honey and could be directly poured into the OPV. Photosensitive polymer composition for flexographic printing plates processable in aqueous media.

In one embodiment the organic noe is present. Therefore liquid photoinitiators are preferred for producing of UV-curable paints. Photosensitive polymer composition for flexographic printing plates processable in aqueous media. Curing Results WB-Formulation 1: Assessed were handling, incorporation, curing efficiency and yellowing visual.


FR Free format text: Acrylic and methacrylic acid are preferred. The formulation was placed into a glass bottle and photoinitiator was added during stirring with toothed disk at rpm. The photoinitiator samples were tested in 2 different water-based clear coat formulations. The combination was stirred using a escure stirring bar for 5 min at approx. ES Kind code of ref document: EE Free format text: A at least one ethylenically unsaturated photopolymerizable compound and.

A UV-curable paint is prepared using the following formulation:.

EP2387589B1 – Liquid photoinitiator blend – Google Patents

Higher active contents are obtainable as compared to previous solutions like the waterborne dispersions of photoinitiators described in EP Lamberti and EPB1 Ciba and in GB Minesota Mining In addition the inventive homogenous liquid blends show better storage stability, especially at elevated temperatures, as there are no heterogeneous photoinitiator particles which may irreversibly settle like in the case of a dispersion.

A homogenous liquid blend according to claim 1 wherein the surface active agent is selected from alcohol alkoxylates glycolethersfatty acid alkoxylates, fatty amine alkoxylates, or fatty amide alkoxylates, alkoxylates of phenols or alkylsubstituted phenols, block copolymers or random copolymers of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, alkoxylates of alkine-alcohols or alkine-diols, alkoxylates of castor oil, alkoxylates of sorbitan fatty acid esters and mixtures thereof.


A photopolymerisable composition comprising A at least one ethylenically unsaturated photopolymerisable compound and. AT Ref legal event code: This is in contrast to the reference Irgacurewhich due to the incompatibility does not give a useful waterborne UV-paint.

Benzene, (1-methylethenyl)-, homopolymer, ar-(2-hydroxymethyloxopropyl) derivs. |

At first a homogeneous solution is prepared by adding the photoinitiator at elevated temperatures to the surfactant. A dispersing agent is dissolved in water and the photoinitiator is added at room temperature. A dispersion solid particles of the photoinitiator is obtained. The following water-based formulation was prepared WB-Formulation 1: FG2A Ref document number: Want to know more?

The inventive homogeneous liquid blend is obtainable by a process comprising the steps of.

USA1 – Liquid photoinitiator blend – Google Patents

Preferred are non-ionic surfactants having a poly alkylene oxide group, such as a poly- ethylene oxide group or a poly propylene oxide group or mixtures thereof. Grain enhancement with surfactants in water-based uv-radiation curable polyurethane dispersions.

Curing agent for three-dimensional molded object, apparatus for manufacturing three-dimensional molded object, and program for manufacturing three-dimensional molded object.