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Thus, the right of life and death over children was limited. The worship of other than Roman gods or gods that became Roman after the state recognized them was not a crime, but many of the foreign religious were publicly and morally disapproved Venus, Bucharest,p.

Roman nobility had a caste character; in fact all the aristocratic families were related and had tight and complex connections; for example, the Calpurnians, the Pisoniias or the Julio-Claudians, although rivals, were all cousins [16]. Military successes were allowing military aristocracy to claim, and in a certain degree to earn, the respect of the citizens, as laus praise or as gloria [7].

There are two characteristics that can best describe the specificity of the legal Roman culture: Many of these practices have survived even after the introduction of Christianity. Andi Emanuel Mihalache, senior research fellow 2 nd grade with the A. Furthermore, the study of Roman law clearly demonstrates that you can create new institutions and an original legal culture, by using identical general principles.

Initially, law was reduced to knowing the formulas, kept secret by the pontiffs. Information about the programme 1. World History is designed to trace the development of humans from earliest times to More information. Rome, just like other states of the ancient world, has stated its supremacy by warlike conquests, but also by perfecting its institutions and even by the use of diplomacy.


Orientul Latin, Brasov,p. As you read More information. The father would acknowledge his son; otherwise the child was abandoned and let to die usually. It is plausible that disregard towards the obligations of father, husband or child were considered as treason perduellioin the primitive era.


Ancient Greece BCE 3. The considerable importance of social psychology and collective. At the same time, the Roman spirit has a specific conservatism.

Lex Cornelia sumptuaria, adopted by Sulla, as part of his social reform 82 B. Course Title Course Code: As recent studies have asserted, it would seem that both religious and legal practices of the Romans are not as unchanging as previously thought, but more dynamic. How did the Roman Empire help the spread of Christianity? Construct charts, graphs, More information. Creativity stems from the uncovering More information.

The Legacy of Rome p. Location of Classical Civilizations More information. Lucretius has inspired his works from Epicurus; Catullus, Vergil and Horace owe a lot to the vocabulary and the myths of the alexandrines. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The adult son was allowed to found his own household.

Hillwood Museum and Gardens, [ p, illus. This character is due, primarily, to the practical spirit of the Romans and their tremendous capacity to assimilate and adapt cultural elements and institutions from other legal systems.

Central Issues in Sociology Scott social prelims. We must note however the importance that the cult financed by public resources had —sacra publica [21].


Log In Sign Up. This particularity of the Roman law leads to the transformation of legal literature in a long enumeration of cases.

Venus, Bucharest, – J. Ancient Civilizations Ancient Civilizations Description The social studies curriculum for sixth grade introduces students to the study of the world s ancient civilizations. Information about the course 2.

Reflections on the Roman legal culture | Magureanu Alexandru Florin –

There was the possibility, for the state, to expressly demand a manifestation of faith, on certain occasions. For honestiores the capital punishment was often transformed into exile. During Augustus, the military had over 25 legions more than thousand men [12]. Patriarchal and militaristic society Rome has always been a patriarchal and militaristic society.

We should also consider the giant leap that the Roman civilization has made, from the farthest antiquity, to the creation of institutions and concepts, principles that would survive the Roman Empire and decisively contribute to the construction of modern law. A person that was part of an upper class may be exiled, while, for the same deed, a member of a lower class was condemned to die.

The virtues of the forefathers were functioning somewhat similar with religion, providing a solid foundation for the entire Roman society, influencing law. Military service was compulsory for all citizens between the ages of 17 and 60 years old those over 45 years old were usually appointed in auxiliary services.