Designed for the contractor, the CPS MK II feature 2-RU chassis, Phoenix-type connectors for inputs and outputs, pre-programmable power-on delay, easy power-on via remote contact closures, rear panel attenuators, and a switchable 50 Hz high-pass filter. Like the CPS multi. Two-Channel Models CPS, CPS, CPS, and CPS CPS2.x rear view. Remote power-on contact. 1. Programmable power-on timer. 2. Module slot for. Buy Electro-Voice CPS 2-Channel Power Amplifier for RCM IRIS-Net Remote Control Module (W, 4 Ohms) Review Electro-Voice CPS

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Make sure to completely read and fully observe power rating specifications of the speaker systems to be used and to check them against the output power cps29 of the power amp.

Electro-Voice CPS 2-Channel

F reserved Table 4. Mains Switch Rear View 1. Connect the power amplifier only to a mains network, which corresponds to the requirements indicated on the type plate. The connected speaker systems must be able to handle such voltages.

Show all Contractor precision cps2. The amount of heat resulting from power dissipation might remain inside of a rack-shelf and needs to be diverted using appropriate measures.

Electro Voice EV CPS Amplifier

Electrovoice compact precision cps: The Mains Switch on the front panel separates the power amp from the mains. Electrovoice contractor precision cps1: This manual also for: The correct connection is also indicated at the amplifiers rear panel. Brackets for securing the power amplifier are available as accessories. Got it, fv to print.


Do not use the power amplifier near heat sources, like heater blowers, stoves or any other heat radiating devices. Do not modify this unit! The terminals marked with are hazardous live and the external wiring connected to these terminals requires installation by an instructed person or the use of ready-made leads of cords.

Speaker fps2.9 switch-on is delayed by approximately 2 seconds via output relays, effectively suppressing any possible power-on noise, which otherwise might be heard through the loudspeakers. Please also see following illustration. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintance servicing instructions in the This indicates all protections are working fine. Set the switch to the 50 Hz position for activating the High Pass Filter.

Turning the Mains Switch to ON starts booting up the power amp.

Electro-Voice CPS 2-Channel Power Amplifier FU B&H

Please read and follow the instructions provided in the documentation that you have received together with each extension module.


Ventilation As with all Electro-Voice power amps with fan cooling, the airflow direction csp2.9 front-to-rear, obviously because there is more cold air outside of the rack case than inside. Due to their immunity against external interference sources, such as dimmers, mains connections, HF-control lines, etc. Please take time to consult this manual so that you can understand all the features built into your Electro-Voice amplifier cos2.9 fully utilize all its performance capabilities.

In DUAL mode, the two channels of the power amplifier work independent from each other. The power cpps2.9 remains cooler and dissipating the developing waste heat in a specific direction gets easier.

Amplification is set via input level control of channel 1 only. The difference between power consumption and dispensed power is called power dissipation P d. Do not use the power amplifier near heat sources, like heater blowers, stoves or any other heat radiating devices.

Enter text from picture: Also See for CPS2. CPS amplifiers have been designed for installation in a conventional inch rack case.