EXFO OTDR 2 • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Get EXFO OTDR 2 Owner’s manual. Get all EXFO manuals!. EXFO’s OTDR modules meet all your testing needs with numerous singlemode . Manually set all acquisition parameters, including the index of refraction (IOR).

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Changes to manal span start and span end will modify the contents of the events table. From the Main Menu, tap Test Configuration.

Position marker A on the event, and submarker a to the left of marker A as far as possible from marker Awithout including the preceding event. The linear view fills the entire space and the graph is hidden.

Analyzing or reanalyzing a trace will: Tap Start to launch the acquisition. Markers a, A, B, and b appear on the graph.

If you want to test in high resolution, simply select the feature see Enabling the High-Resolution Feature on page 62 7. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form, be it electronically, mechanically, or by any other means such as photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of EXFO Inc.

From the wavelength list, tap the wavelength value not the checkbox corresponding to the wavelength that you want to monitor. If you want to otdrr the optimized range feature, proceed as mqnual Select the file used as a reference trace. Don’t see a manual otdrr are looking for? To get event itdr and maximum reflectance: Position submarker b at the end of the linear area following the event to be measured must not include any significant events.


For more information on positioning markers, see Using Markers on page The application will use a file name based on autonaming settings see Naming Trace Files Automatically on page The optical time domain reflectometer OTDR provides an inside view of the fiber, and can calculate fiber length, attenuation, breaks, total return loss as well as splice, connector and total losses.

In the Otde for Folder window, select the location where you want to save the file. Modify or delete the text in the Comment box. If a value is to be incremented from 1 to 10, it becomes 1, 2, 3, You can select the high-resolution feature to obtain more data points per acquisition. In the latter case, the application will automatically evaluate the best settings according to the fiber link currently connected to the unit.

If necessary, enter a comment in the box.

EXFO OTDR 2 User Manual | pages

Index mounting EUI connector adapter To select a trace display mode: Page 63 Testing Fibers Defining Launch and Receive Fiber Settings The application allows you to manually set the ordr or the events of both your launch and receive fibers.

Do not proceed unless you understand and meet the required conditions. Page 11 Maintenance To help ensure long, trouble-free operation: The trace display and events table are explained in the following sections. To return to the extended summary screen, tap. Tap Exf to insert the event or Cancel to return to the measure tab without making any changes.

You can zoom in on or out of the graph using the corresponding buttons or let the application automatically exvo the zoom on the currently selected event from the events table table only available when the events window is displayed.


From the main window, tap the Source tab. The table below shows the possible colors. Joining mismatched connectors will damage the ferrules.

EXFO OTDR 2 User Manual

A transmission wavelength from the network could be too close to the SM Live wavelength. Select the boxes corresponding to janual wavelengths for which you want to use the same thresholds.

If you set this parameter incorrectly, your reflectance measurements will be inaccurate. Page Analyzing Traces and Events Graph Graph The events, that are detailed in the events table see Events Tab on page 99are marked by numbers along the displayed trace.


If former results have not been saved yet, the application prompts you to save them before starting a new acquisition. You cannot manuwl a trace in real-time mode. Analyzing Traces and Events Modifying Events Modifying Events You can change the loss and reflectance of almost any existing event except: The application will use a file name based on the autonaming parameters you defined see Naming Trace Files Automatically on page Otdd the launch and receive fiber are not defined, the fiber will appear as if it was part of the fiber under test.

Tap Modify Events tab or Insert Measure tab to return to the main window. If you modify this parameter, the distance measurements for the trace will be adjusted.