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The alcoholic fermentation It is a natural process that humans have perfected for the best drinks known vino, sake, cerveza.


Alcoholic fermentation itself, It is quite simple. Think that fermentation occurs naturally in fruits, try locking them up in a bucket with water and see what happens. Briefly alcoholic fermentation is the action of yeast to transform sugars into alcohol. Not all yeasts produce alcohol: Any alcoholic fermentation needs a type of yeast that produces and Be tolerant to alcoholbecause alcohol is toxic to the yeast and has too much alcohol when, stops playing and producing more alcohol.

Some yeasts are more tolerant than others, That is why alcohol used to produce specific yeast. The first yeast was discovered that could produce alcohol was the Saccharomyces cerevisiae. As you interpretareis the name is famous alcooholica being responsible for the fermentation of beer. It is so important that the S. Cerevisiae It was the first genome to be sequenced.

Other yeasts used to produce alcohol is a derivative thereof. Anyway this yeast is not the only. There are some more potent than S.

Fermentación alcohólica

When fermenntacion ferments a solution, not only it produces alcohol, but also produces byproducts esteres, sulfides, etc… which they are the characteristics that give the fermented drink. Food source substrate which will largely define the conditions and the result of fermentation. Yeast get power for reproducing food sugar. Yeast under normal conditions, oxygen, It reproduces quickly, spending very little energy without producing alcohol.


Fermentacion alcoholica stock photos

When yeast is oxygen aerobic It produced as alcoholia CO2 and water. Anaerobically without oxygen use another metabolic pathway that costs more energetic effort and gets much less energy.

For our luck in the second metabolic pathway produces Alcohol. Fernentacion alcohol it is a byproduct of this metabolism, because the only objective which is to reproduce yeast.

Produce alcohol in an anaerobic environment gives you the ability to survive. In fact yeast alcohol expelled outside the cell, because it is toxic to it and also as a defense mechanism, because alcohol is toxic for other microorganisms also.

In fact as I said yeast only tolerates alcohol capacity, to intoxicate. This is the simplified formula.

For indeed are the two formulas. For the first glucose is converted to pyruvate and pyruvate in ethanol.

This occurs within the cell, in the intracellular fluid called cytosol. Alcoholoca they not all end up in ethanol pyruvate. Another metabolic pathway where yeast produces ethanol. This fermetacion the effect crabthree that only happens when there is a concentration of fermentscion sugar very high.

In these circumstances the yeast produces ATP Energy faster direct route glycolysis sugar. This means that even the must ferment in contact with oxygen equal, If the percentage of sugar is very high. De todos modos, is not recommended because oxygen ferment, Many compounds producing oxidise undesirable flavors. As would be the acetaldehyde, due to the oxidation of alcohol.


Those who follow me will have read my opinion on my predilection for food and drink unpasteurized. To know what kind of sake we are drinking, Fortunately or unfortunately, we have two options Sake is a alcohoilca delicate and subtle drink, with a very low acidity and specific characteristics that Your email address will not be published.

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Go to the shop. I prefer a beer unpasteurized humbert11 November, 20 May,meet the sakepasteurization0 Those who follow me will have read my opinion on my predilection for food and drink unpasteurized. La regionalidad del sake es el agua humbert13 October, 13 April,meet the sakeaguaNadasake2 Podriamos decir que el agua es el terroir del sake, como se dice en el mundo de los vinos Five Tips to drink hot sake humbert17 June, 28 November,meet the sakedrink sakegenshusake caliente2 Many of us have known the sake sipping hot sake, but contrary to what we believe the sakeHow to drink sake?

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