Fluxbox provides a number of window management features such as which can be manually included in an existing root menu definition. This is the new documentation for Fluxbox, an X11 window manager. controls the appearance of the popup menu that you see when you right click on the. Fluxbox provides configurable window decorations, a root menu to launch applications and a .. Users are free to manually edit the slitlist file.

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Reads all filenames from the specified directory, assuming that they are all valid style files, and creates inline menu items in the current menu for every filename, that, when selected by the user will apply the selected style gluxbox to the current session. If command is omitted, fluxbox restarts itself.

All of these are independent, so feel free to leave out anything not desired, or to modify the given example to meet special needs. It includes icons and text, and it fluxboox easy to use.

If path is a directory, then all files in that directory are included. Starting fluxbox with this option will designate a file in which you want to log events msnual. Keep in mind that all these steps are optional, so feel free to pick and choose from what is presented as best suited. These flags are provided so that users who do not need the slit or the toolbar can compile Fluxbox without them. Control and Shift are Ctrl and Shift. Button 2 Un Maximize window vertically. This tells fluxbox to create and parse a new menu, which is mahual as a submenu into the parent menu.


Fluxbox does not come with a utility mannual program to draw icons to the desktop; everything is handled by keyboard shortcuts, or the right-click menu.

Man page of fluxbox

This setting allows a user to click anywhere on a window to bring it on top of other windows. Now Fluxbox ready to run for the first time. Depending on your toolbar and slit configuration, maximize fluxboz cover them. This is equivalent to the stick titlebar button.

This is the system-wide root menu file. The window that has the focus is the one that receives key and mouse events. With this switched on they will only expand to the edge of the bar.

fluxbox(1) Manual Page

Display useful information concerning the defaults and compiled-in options. These layers can be used on application windows, the slit or the toolbar.

The strftime 3 format is used. This tells fluxbox to restart.

fluxbox(1) — fluxbox — Debian stretch — Debian Manpages

The title appears at the top of the menu. Name of the current visible workspace Workspace Arrows: Installing iDesk is as simple as:. Clicking on a window name will take you to that window and raise it, changing the active workspace if necessary.

Send window to another workspace. Button 3 Un Maximize window horizontally. An [end] tag is fluxobx to end the submenu. This begins an [encoding] section and specifies the string encoding of all strings until the matching [endencoding] tag. This will not kill the app. If this setting is enabled, windows will maximize over the toolbar, mnual, and any other window that creates a strut, no matter what their individual settings are.


This will create a nice separation line. Note The Gentoo file manager is a separate project from the Gentoo Linux distribution. Fluxbox’s menu is a text file that follows a simple syntax that is described in this section. You may specify any number, space-delimited. This is useful when needing to run an extremely minimal environment, or when planning to use different applications that provide these features, such as standalone panels or docks.

This can either be a [submenu] or the [begin] tag of the main root menu. The label is optional, and if omitted a blank item will be inserted.

All the menu commands called here, tags are enclosed by square brackets, menu names will be enclosed between parentheses and the actual commands are enclosed between braces. There are a number of graphical login managers to choose from; another manager can be chosen at discretion of the user, however SLiM will be used for the purpose of this article. However, not everyone agrees Important Be sure to emerge slim and add xdm to the bootscript, and not the other way around!

This tag is required for fluxbox to read your menu file. That is it; Fluxbox is now installed! The commands unique to this menu are discussed in detail in the Window Menu section.