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Section I. Accountability and Inventory. PETROLEUM ACCOUNTING RECORDS AND REPORTS. Soldiers storing or transferring class III products must. provide extensive information about FM ( ). SUPERCESSION STATEMENT. This publication supersedes ATP dated 21 July , FM dated 2 April. and FM

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All the metal structures and pipelines on piers should be grounded.

Concepts and Equipment of Petroleum Operations (FM 10-67-1)

During testing, look for leaks, bulges, and distortions in the hose. The mounds of earth that cover underground tanks and the earthen firewalls Figure which are built around aboveground tanks in tactical areas are subject to erosion.

Under any conditions, fire prevention, integrity of firewalls, safety, security, and environmental protection stewardship must be considered in all petroleum installation maintenance procedures and policies. Every effort must be made to ensure these rules and time schedules are followed, both to the letter, and the spirit of their intent.

Innage and outage, are the two basic ways of measuring bulk petroleum. Check for rust, scale, dirt, foreign objects, and water. Constant attention should be paid to the installation grounds and the property around pipelines.

The underwater sections should be reported to support units. They provide flexible connections to tankers. Pipelines under piers are especially subject to damage because they are alternately submerged and exposed by tides. Hydrometer, graduated scale, API 49 to 61 range mm long, 14mm diameter, with thermometer. Ongoing maintenance is essential to keep waterfront facilities and marine terminals operational. Maintenance requirements for the pier grounding systems include the following.

When the tank has several hatches, take gages from each hatch. As a rule, the cup-case thermometer is used to measure temperature. This equipment is usually located at the end of piers. Special samples and samples for testing by the supercharge method should be at least 5 gallons, unless otherwise specified.


Tanks should be cleaned as often as possible to prevent corrosion and pitting of interior surfaces. Procedures for their use follows.

FM Concepts And Equipment Of Petroleum Operations – TABLE OF CONTENTS

A fuel must be laboratory tested before and after gm acceptance to make sure that it meets specifications. Be careful not to put so much paste on the bob that it will cause a false reading. The portable petroleum sampling and gaging kit Figurepage is used at bulk storage facilities. To maintain firewalls and tank mounds, follow these rules. Record the cut as the innage gage.

Maintenance requirements of hose-handling equipment include the following. The opening inventory is the total amount of bulk petroleum on hand at the beginning of the month.

Marine loading arms Chapter 4 10-6-71 being used instead of hoses and hose-handling equipment at many waterfront facilities. DA Form Innage gage sheet Using innage tape and bob.

A fuel is clean when it is free of suspended matter, sediment, and emulsions. Also, the eroded soil collects at the base of the firewalls.


The sample types are given below. Also, they should be checked when repairs and modifications are made to the tank. Make sure the tape is not lowered ffm far into the tank that the bob will tilt and cause an incorrect reading. Hose-handling equipment consists of devices such as cranes, slings, hoists, winches, A-frames, and gin poles. The gage stick should be long enough to gage the entire height of a tank. Outage also called ullage is the height of space above the liquid from a reference point on the tank to the surface of the product.


Cylinder, ungraduated, mm high, Record the reading on the tape at the reference point as the tape reading. This section discusses petroleum accounting records and reports. Lower the yardstick into the drum to get a wet-inch-depth reading. Innage is the depth of the product from its surface to the tank bottom or datum plate.

If the tank car has more than 1 foot of mf outage, use a petroleum gage stick or an innage tape and bob. Stencil the date of the test on the hose in a subdued color black or gray and keep a written record 1067-1 the tests.

Part Three describes Army aircraft refueling operations. Submarine pipelines are welded pipe sections 10-6-1 to storage tanks on shore and laid under water to ship moorings. Samples are important because they are used to determine the quality of petroleum products.

To maintain pipeline supports, follow these steps:. Use the tank car gage stick to determine dome innage and shell outage in nonpressurized rail tank cars that have shell outages of 1 foot or less.

Sample size varies with product type and the type of test required.

DA Form Outage gage sheet Using outage tape and bob. Repairs to structures such as piers and pilings cannot be done by organizational maintenance personnel.