For one weekend only you’ll be able to grab a very limited edition Forge World model in store – A Legions Astartes Praetor in Tartaros Armour! We invite you all. Forge World Masterclass. Public. ยท Hosted by Games Workshop: Warhammer World. Interested. clock. Saturday, August 4, at PM PDT. More than a. This week’s pre-orders for Forge World have got you covered with the Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume 1 is being re-released and.

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Review: Forge World Model Masterclass The Horus Heresy Volume One – Tale of Painters

I love the models, but the painting isn’t bringing the sculpts to life like i was hoping: However I tested the Salamander paint scheme they give you; and it comes out nothing like the pictures: Infact with the internet people are really spoilt with the amount of brilliant tutorials and all. Many of the artists have their WIP threads masgerclass so you can follow their process. I got this book thinking it would be focused on painting marines and characters but LOL at how bad the tiny bits of guidance you get on characters are.

Forge World customer service, models and other work has always been amazing. Both which are fantastic painting guides on all fronts.

Forge World Masterclass

However the other 2 FW Model Masterclass books I still read and find useful for a multitude of techniques. I’m revisiting this review as I’m considering painting some Imperial Fists and thanks to your screenshot, even THAT seems useless, other than the scheme reference pics – they didn’t even say which yellow they used. The tutorials it does have are great, the photos stunning, but it’s just missing a whole lot of the instruction from the first two.


Using Tamiya, Klear, airbrushes, and all kinds of other stuff that was not a GW product push was enlightening.

Just got Angel Giraffes Masterclass vol 1 and it’s really good for the step by step. It is a fun book, but I don’t know ,It mastfrclass got side tracked!!

Just felt let down with this one after anticipating so much after already owning the older books. From the rest I saw there was not much “new” content. Anon, don’t bother with the book. Think I’ve dodged a bullet now as if I’d bought this for forteworld tutorial on Horus and found fogreworld the tip was “paint it good” I think I’d have been very angry. Weathering a tank was pretty good covered in Model Masterclass Vol 1.

Pretty much covered the reason why I did not get this book. The images do look fantastic. You know i totally forgot about that one. The thing is I really like the book. I have seen that video. Oh yea and they even tell you to use boltgun metal. They even push that stupid mix of 4 citadel paints for the Sons of Horus and then apologies for it buy saying you can buy their own brand greens to create the scheme Thanks for the review. I have put masterflass one on my birthday list to leave where the wife will see it but am considering scratching it off the list.


I got the book, and I admit its really nice. The only difference is that they use forge world paints to pre-shade.

Mine is still shrink wrapped ready to look at at home. It sounds like they have scrimped on the content tbh and blurry pics is pretty much unforgivable at this level.

A tutorial for great looking FW models is cool, but when there are only 3 of them and all vehiclesits not realy interesting for me anymore. I dont understand why they would include vehicle weathering when they covered that extensively in the other books to a far better standard. Some folks will like it, even for the photos. But it’s still nice and I’m glad I own it. Nothing but how to so great value IMHO. I’m a little lukewarm about the HH paint jobs coming out of Forgeworld.

Pre-ordered as I love the last two and after flicking through this one felt a little sad that it hadn’t maintained the same level of awesome. Was tempted to order it until I saw a Video-Review of it. What the HH painters excel at are tanks.

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