Forkner Shorthand is a mixture of regular cursive writing, special symbols, and guidelines for abbreviating words. Most students can triple their. the Shorthand Forum on Reddit is a home for pen and machine shorthand of all kinds. Forkner alphabet shorthand / by Hamden L. Forkner. Main Author: Forkner, Hamden L., Language(s): English. Published: New York: Forkner Pub. Co.

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When a child learns to read, he begins by learning the sounds that are associated with each letter.

I remember being annoyed at first when I first read “eerie” and “early” were spelled the same, but now I don’t even blink an eye at -ly… it’s always clear what’s meant, especially once you’re far enough along to read in terms of outlines instead of individual letters.

By itself, its apogee is about wpm. I appreciate everyone’s comments very much. Mind you, few people would need to take verbatum shorthand these days.

One experienced shorthand instructor observed, “Students get instant satisfaction because they can apply it from the beginning. You can always learn Gregg or any other system sohrthand if you choose to, although not necessary. Gregg, I find it takes a shortthand tries to get the loop shaped efficiently for the strokes around it, and how long to draw before curving to get the loops size and line length I want. The short e sound is simply omitted: I have done speedwriting and the fastest I could get was wpm.


How fast is Forkner? – Gregg Shorthand

By the time I got to my second year, forknet merged the advanced students we had a text book that was published in both forms. Also, has anyone ever used SuperWrite? Except “the”, which is common enough you remember it.

If you don’t need great speed, Forkner is shortnand enough to learn. Wouldn’t it be better to spend at least some time, each day, reading Gregg? Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

I find Gregg annoying in that s can mean sub- and e can mean -ly, m can mean -ment.

Forkner shorthand – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat It uses capital letters to represent certain forknef beginnings. The Brandon Sun, Manitoba paywalled archive.

Britannica does not currently have an article on this topic. I had a classmate who was in the Forkner class. I have a few Forkner textbooks. My text says there are companion cassettes for pwm for the second term after the theory has been learned. I do remember that there was one stroke in Forkner that looked much like the Gregg “gay” stroke.


Long and short A have the same shape. I haven’t studied the system, but the printed pages look superficially to me almost exactly like SpeedWriting.

Forknner and fewer schools in North America offered shorthand classes. It has a speed potential of about wpm, I’ve been told. Forkner and first published in Forkner was taught in high-schools and colleges throughout North America along with comparable shorthands such as AlphaHandSpeedwritingStenoscript and Personal Shorthand.

Forkner shorthand Type script alphabetic shorthand.

Forkner Shorthand Samples

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I can’t look at a Gregg outline and quickly know what it is without slowing down to read every curve. Forkner shorthand’s relative ease forkenr learning was investigated in several academic dissertations and theses. By the end of my second year, I was writing wpm and I think the Forkner students were doing pretty consistently. It really is the Cadillac of shorthand systems, I think. In fact, I’ve even created my own version of Gregg while on vacation last month that eliminates some of the writing and reading problems that I have fkrkner ‘regular’ Gregg.