Below are links to the previous versions of the tutorial dataset that correspond to freesurfer version and. Downloading and installing FreeSurfer is very easy. It just takes some time because the distribution package is huge (get. This tutorial makes use of the same T1 weighted image dataset (bert) that is used for the FreeSurfer tutorial available at the following location.

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The FreeSurfer tools deal with two main types of data: These lectures and tutorials should familiarize you with FreeSurfer’s volume and surface processing streams, the recommended workflow to execute these, and many of their component tools. The tutorials also describe some of FreeSurfer’s tools for registering volumetric datasets, performing group analysis on morphology data, and integrating multi-modal output with FreeSurfer overlaying color coded parametric maps onto the cortical surface and visualizing plotted results.


After completing the tutorials, you should be able to:.

FsTutorial – Free Surfer Wiki

These sessions will be held in the SEA 2. The format will be very informal and we will try and be on schedule – ttutorial you can come to the talks you are interested in.

The analysis lab will be open most of the afternoons, so you can really come and work on your own schedule or pace. If you plan to do any of these practical sessions, I do ask that you try and be here for the very first one, Tutorial Housekeepingso freesufer I can pass along some very useful and important information.

Wednesday will serve as a catch-up day, so that we can all be in the same place for Thursday. Also, please feel free to include any specific questions or topics you’d like addressed. Overview The FreeSurfer tools deal with two main types of data: After completing the tutorials, you should be able to: I don’t expect you to be able to script anything on your own, but if you have never used a command line, please run through this unix tutorial before trying our practicals.


Additionally, I am assuming most people in attendance are familiar, to some basic extent, with both structural and functional data – collection, data types, analysis questions. Why should I use FreeSurfer?

Free Surfer | Image Lab

How do I do it? Windows Utilities Windows Utilities. Interaction with Individual Subject Data. Group Analysis – qdec Tutorial.

ROIs and other useful analyses.