Should a frenectomy be done in a young patient with a low frenum -A frenectomy in this case should be followed with orthodontic One hemostat technique. The technique for a laser frenectomy is similar to that using a blade (Figure ). Local or topical anesthesia is administered. The clinician should first visualize. Frenectomy. 1. frenectomy Ryan Pandu Digjaya PPDGS IBM FKG UGM Kuliah bedah preprostetik; 2. TECHNIQUE 1. the simple excision.

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None, Conflict of Interest: High frenum attachment is a very common problem in the population.

Various conventional techniques are available which has certain disadvantages; in addition to that high frenum also hinders oral hygiene frenetomy. This study aims to evaluate patient’s response to two different frenectomy technique, and oral hygiene maintenance before and after frenectomy. Twenty patients with high labial frenum were randomly selected from the outpatient department.

Frenectomy: A Review with the Reports of Surgical Techniques

Patients were divided into two groups according to the technique used. Each group contained ten patients.

To evaluate patients response, visual analogue scale for pain and speech were taken at first postoperative day, 1-week and 1-month. In other part of the study the oral hygiene maintenance was evaluated by using plaque and gingival bleeding index at baseline before frenectomy, 1-week and 1-month after frenectomy.


Results showed that new paralleling technique for frenectomy causes less postoperative discomfort and also there was significant improvement in the oral hygiene maintenance by the patient after frenectomy.

High maxillary frenum causes hindrance in oral hygiene maintenance. Paralleling technique for frenectomy causes less discomfort to the patient during healing phase when compared with the conventional technique.

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How to cite this article: Paralleling technique for frenectomy and oral hygiene evaluation after frenectomy. J Indian Soc Periodontol ; How to cite this URL: Maxillary frenum held with hemostat in conventional technique Click here to view.

Wide wound surface area after excision of the frenum Click here to view. Inability to get primary closure by suturing Click here to view.

A modified frenectomy technique: a new surgical approach.

Two paralleling incision placed on sides of frenum in paralleling technique Click here to view. Narrow wound area after excision of the tissue Click here to view. Primary closure obtained by suturing Frenectoy here to view. Visualization of plaque after 1-week in conventional technique Click here to view. Visualization of plaque after 1-week in paralleling technique Click here to view.

Comparison of gingival bleeding and plaque index before and after frenectomy Click here to view.

Comparison of the VAS score of postoperative pain after conventional and paralleling technique Click here to view. Comparison tschniques VAS score of speech after conventional and paralleling technique Click here to view. Related articles Conventional scalpel technique frenectomy high frenum oral hygiene paralleling technique. Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer.