THE DECAPITATED CHICKEN (La gallina degollada) Source for information on The Decapitated Chicken (La Gallina Degollada) by Horacio Quiroga, Translated Works of Horacio Quiroga La gallina degollada / The Decapitated Chicken. Illustration. The Decapitated Chicken. All day long the. Un cuento de terror escrito por Horacio Quiroga. Fue publicado en en Argentina. | See more ideas about Hens, Sisters and Biography.

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He was 28 and she was 22, yet all their passionate tenderness had not succeeded in creating a single atom of an ordinary existence. There is then a shift to the present time of the narrative, with a relentless progression towards the ghastly climax.

One horror has receded, but now another threatens their happiness. By continuing to use this website, you agree gallin their use.

Their sister, exhausted after five hours of paternal love, wanted to see something on horacuo own account. In the Conrad tale a couple have four idiot children twin boys, another boy, then a girlthe wife kills her husband because he tries to force her to have another child, then commits suicide by leaping from a cliff.

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The story is not just about madness and violent death; it chronicles the breakdown of a relationship through the loss of respect, affection, and hope. Because Berta does not conceive right away they become bitter and resentful, no longer supporting one another but making veiled accusations about who is to blame for the children’s illness. In the second part, it is eight years later, and the man, who had noticed her affection, begins to woo her. Vegollada Language Association http: In Quiroga there are eight references to animal qualities: They almost never bathed.


La gallina degollada – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

They know not to make mistakes because the forest is unforgiving, and failure often means death. Bertita turned four years old and that night, as a result of the sweets that her parents were incapable of denying her, their young child came down with a chill and a fever. Notify me of new comments via email.

Disaster is inevitable; all that remains to be revealed is the unfolding of the tragedy. The child grew up beautiful and radiant until he reached a year and a half. In Quiroga there are eight references to animal qualities: The boys are in the kitchen. The narrator focuses on a particular moment in time, the day before the tragedy occurs.

History of a Troubled Love and Past Love deal with the same theme that haunted the author in his personal life: At least this is how the Mazzini-Berta household felt, and when their first son arrived after fourteen months of marriage; they believed their happiness was complete. The twins could not swallow, move about or even sit up.

They did not speak for three hours and the motive was, as usual, the loud, strong steps of Mazzini. Mazzini took her in his arms for a long while as she wept desperately, neither one dared to utter a word. The parents have a violent argument in which the accusations are no longer veiled.


Yet after eighteen months the convulsions that took the firstborn child began to repeat themselves, and the following morning their second child awoke an idiot. Her brothers seize her, carry her off into the kitchen, “parting her curls as if they were feathers.

The bile had accumulated long enough to the point where the venom in the viscera could spill from the slightest touch. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

At last she decided upon a chair missing a seat, but still she could not see over the wall. Below her, eight eyes pierced into hers and filled her with fear.

la gallina degollada and horacio quiroga

A moment later they said goodbye to their neighbors and as Berta went to hang up her hat, Mazzini headed back to the patio. They watched her search everywhere for a place to rest her toes and climb higher. They learned, in time, certain imitative faculties; but could grasp nothing more.