AstroTrading eBook Package: “Cardinal Astrographs easy trading tools and Gann Signs: Title-Bible-Tetragrams” PLUS BONUS Trading. Gann concealed his methods in coded messages, since he knew that the Gann Signs:Title-Bible-Tetragrams” – first book in this package. .. how Gann used. The first dedicated software to Gann’s techniques porbably. 30 day free trial . Gann Signs: Title – Bible – Tetragrams () Trading Plan.

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Weekend stuff – browsing the techie library shelves

OM’s Planetary Watch The site of reference on Gold. Where to find historical data on Gold, Oil and Commodities? Their number is increasing every dayespecially if we take into account all those who have added the “Gann ” logo to their offering but are more Technical analysis tittle-bible-tetragrams chartist tools than anything else.

The Fed Reserve Site. He also considered that information too sensitive to be made public inso he used the same bible codes to hide that information in his book, Tunnel thru the Air No matter what your background has been, nothing can prepare you for these markets properly— the only way to learn is by doing it—for real.

Find a book that has three words in the title. These details will have you looking at the wisdom of the bible and other old texts in a new light. He may well have been branded a raving lunatic inif he had publicly revealed this information Find something that has legs.


Now traders have the knowledge to use the time axis, with the same confidence that they have become accustomed to, whilst using the price axis of their charts. The author also takes a look ahead at specific astrological events, in the future and some suggestions on how to analyse many more of Gann’s bible references.

You will also belong to an exclusive group of only 2, traders worlwide. To help gain a better understanding of astrology, simple mathematics and geometry, associated with the Harmony of the Spheres, this package has additional details on our support forum, included in the price. Bible… Sepharial’s work and why Gann pointed us towards that astrologer’s books and others, too.

An excellent data mining site. Where to find interesting astronomical sources of information? The following group was established for owners of: Title-Bible-Tetragrams was completed in May If you are still VERY keen to learn about astrotrading and the use of astrology, as a superior market timing tool, in the commodities and equities markets, then you have made the right decision, go to: For fundamentalists, some simple mathematical formulae can be used to approximate price extremes and probable key trading dates.

It is very appropriate then, that the writing of Gann Signs: PressAboutUs helps to track news about your websites. While researching material for this work it has become quite apparent, that Gann was simply a messenger, owing much of his knowledge to Sepharial and other contemporaries of his day.

Gann – The Magic Word by W. Strangely, theres a thick book about love, by one of Ganns contemporaries and its name is: Where to find reeeeaaally long term data? Gann – Wizard of Wall St. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your charts really talking to you, revealing the whole story, by evaluating both the TIME and the PRICE axis, with easy trading tools.


It makes no claims to being the holy grail of trading, but it does present a refreshing perspective about using the cosmic clock for better market timing. Solar Fire Gold Version 9 Tutorial.

Gann Signs:Title-Bible-Tetragrams (book) by Paul ‘yogi’ Nipperess BMin on AuthorsDen

Where to find interesting blogs Technical Analysis? Interesting to research aspects, draw statistics.

title-bible-tetragdams One thing is guaranteed, if you have a basic understanding of astrology, you will never look at the bible or other old texts in the same way Claim your permanent record of these files on CD-rom. Excellent technical title-bible-tetragraks site in French. In addition to their book ” Astrology Really works ” MAGI launches a well documented site subscriptions paidbut reasonable to their articles and sells proprietary software.

Many interesting articles, but claims to validate their opinions on Sappho and Sedna for example, whose influence is overestimated.

Magic Words – Mrs Mallory’s Page nbsp; Magic Words As a staff we tigle-bible-tetragrams decided to implement the Magic Words program which will replace the current sight words program. In fact, the world needs this information, now.