Style 98 is manufactured from high purity (95%+ carbon assay) premium carbon staple yarn. Individual yarns are single-end coated and single-end dried prior to. Garlock-TUF简本 – Garlock Seals and Sealing Systems Garlock Sealing Style FEP and Style Valve stem packings for high. for steam service, Garlock developed Style ST The inorganic PH. Valve Stem Packing Style is a Steam with high temperature/pressure.

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For correct installation and bolting pattern consult page 9.

Garlock Compression Packing will contribute to maintain a safe process, meet stringent fugitive emission limits and save resources, with proven garoock. Comparing the accelerated oxidation test fig.

Compression Packing

The sealing capability was maintained completely when the load was decreased to 5 MPa. A new tough technology packing with chemical resistance close to PTFE takes heat.

This excellent gasketing material is ideal for use with glass-lined equipment and wherever lower bolt loads to effect an efficient seal are necessary. We also provide expertise with highly knowledgeable application engineering support. Garlock Expertise Garlock Sealing Technology has been available to industry ever since Compression Packings Popular Garlock Packings.


DSA offers reduced costs in maintenance service. The pressure is then increased to provoke a gasket blowout. Retorque 12 to 24 hours after coming on stream, whenever possible.

Availability in a wide range of sizes?

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Detailed test results are available upon request. Available in both metric and inch sizes. The optimum valve stem packing solution is EVSP. Garlock compression packing is rigorously tested to ensure effective sealing in valves, pumps, agitators, and other rotary equipment. Conforms to FDA specifications. Special material with very good dry-running characteristics and FDA approval.

Our staff will be pleased to assist you in finding the optimum sealing solution.

Style 98 Premium Carbon Packing

Premature failure could occur as a result. For example the PS-SEAL floating seal device is widely used as sealing device in mixers, dryers and agitators, where shaft movements exceed the limits of any other sealing device. Installation A few simple precautionary measures must be observed in installation to ensure the most satisfactory joint.

The multiplication of the max. GYLON gasketing tested under varying pressures, gasketloads and differing temperatures. Garlock offers a full range of field proven pump packing systems designed to be reliable and cost-effective. Starting with the rubber molded snap in wiper up to the high performance metal incased urethane element rod scraper for press fit application.


Style 98 is also an excellent valve stem packing. IFG not only gives you higher physical properties than aramid fibers as shown in fig. Low leak rate of the seal under maximum operating conditions. It is a flexible O-ring made of metal which is highly resilient.

For non-corrosive media — with a surface tension similar to water — lower values can be used. Specifications subject to change without notice. Minimum coefficient of friction? Compatible throughout a wide range of chemicals? It can be used with confidence in both pumps and valves.

Subsequently the load is raised to 70 MPa and the leakage again determined. Find technical information for Compression Packing Products.