entrepreneurship; both of them are Professor Wojciech Gasparski’s main areas of interest. This is a Słowa kluczowe: projektowanie, etyka biznesu, Gasparski. Wprowadzenie do etyki biznesu. Warszawa: PWN. Gasparski, W. Etyka biznesu – szkice do portretu. In Etyka Biznesu, J. Dietl and W. Gasparski (eds.). Etyka biznesu – przegląd pojęć i koncepcji . Lewicka-Strzałecka A.: Etyka biznesu jako dyscyplina naukowa, [w:] Dietl J., Gasparski W.: Etyka biznesu. PWN.

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Business ethics, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance: Turner [] gasparskj J. Blackwell, Malden, MA, Corporate irresponsibility and corporate responsibility: Gasparski – – In Leo V. Sign in to use this feature.

Critical Rationalism in Ethics of Economic Life | Diametros

Why would corporations behave in socially responsible ways? Kaniowski [] — A.

Measuring corporate social performance: Habermas [] — J. The analysis of the above issues is based on a critical reading and exploitation of the works of Karl R. His concept of the humane factor is treated here as a key tool in the study of social phenomena. Defining indicators to assess socially responsible enterprises. Corporate Social Performance Revisited. On the Concept of Practicality. Corporate social and financial performance: Saving the lost paradigm?


Wojciech Gasparski-a Man of Scientific Practice. Working Paper, Harvard Business School, Notes to a discussionDiametros: Research in corporate social performance and policy. Mit einem neuem Nachwort, w: In the paper there are explained basic notions connected with business ethics such as CSR corporate social responsibilityCSI corporate social irresponsibility and CSP corporate social performance.


Exploring the relationship between earnings management and corporate social responsibility. Tchon – – Zagadnienia Naukoznawstwa 42 4 A stakeholder framework for analysing and evaluating corporate social performance.

Skarga, PWN, Warszawa First of all, critical rationalism is understood in a meta-objective sense, as a methodological program of philosophy and science; next, it is treated in an objective way as a definite moral principle. Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility.

History of Western Philosophy. Wojciech Gasparski – – Prakseologia Between Logic and Ethics: Corporate reputation and social performance: Corporate governance, values management and standards: Critical Rationalism in Ethics of Economic Life.

Corporate social performance and organizational attractiveness to prospective employees. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, The Origin of Praxiology.


Critical Rationalism in Ethics of Economic Life

bixnesu Purchasing and social responsibility: Preventing corporate social irresponsibility. Gasparski, Etyka a biznes: Specific issues which arise in this context include the following: Spiro Press, Rollinsford, NH Popper [] — K. Corporate Social Performance — reflecting on the past and investing in the future.

Abstract This article is an attempt at a meta-ethical description of ethics in economic life. Kaniowski, PWN, Warszawa Klimczak [] — B. Can Business Ethics Really Exist?