Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. A former submarine commander in Britain’s Royal Navy, Menzies must enjoy doing battle. The amateur historian’s. In The Year China Discovered America (), aspires to rewrite world history on a grand scale. He maintains that Gavin Menzies)four Chinese fleets. On 3/8/, the largest fleet the world had ever seen set sail from China. by Gavin Menzies by Gavin Menzies The Devil in the White City by Erik.

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| The Lost Empire of Atlantis | | | Chinese Exploration | Gavin Menzies

Former British submarine commander and amateur historian. And it’s a very readable if rage inducing book. I just think the evidence just is not compelling enough. Wrecked ships off India, or eastern Africa, or Australia simply do 1241 prove that Chinese people built the Bimini Road in the Caribbean to get their ships on land for repairs or had a settlement on Greenland I am not kidding. He also makes excuses for the Chinese 1412 basic mistakes, “the land was connected b Poorly researched.

Comment on Gavin Menzies, He also brings his narrative to life by recounting his own experiences in places visited by the fleets of Zheng He, including savoring rum toddies and roast lobster on Guadeloupe beaches, braving the dangers of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, and rounding the Cape of Good Hope into the South Atlantic. But even an average reader like me found several glaring errors in the book ” Chevalier, whose publication does not however appear in the Bibliography.

With the exception of the maps, he never cites any primary sources and cannot, since by his admission, he does not speak or read Chinese.

So why 3 stars? The Year China Discovered America and How come the Chinese didn’t already know about America and have their own rudimentary maps, the same way that the Europeans did? However that is part of the problem with this book – it is probably unfair to expect Menzies to write about the other side of his assumptions and theory – why would he present the evidence that doesn’t fit.

Additionally, all of his sources are secondary documents which he claims were based on Chinese sources, but for which there is no evidence because apparently the Chinese emperor ordered all reference to the expeditions destroyed when they returned to China. Gavin is a phenomenon. But that, I think, is the point. If we are trusting DNA and carbon records, are we menzjes it in the right directions? Sure has plenty of hearsay and conjecture, and some entertaining theories put forth by Menzies, most of which can’t be backed up with factual evidence at this time.


Whole websites sprang up devoted to debunking menxies claims. It’s rare that I would waste space blasting a book.

How Not to (Re)Write World History: Gavin Menzies and the Chinese Discovery of America

Menzies is most known for his book ” See, the whole thing is problematic, because the Chinese actually went menzes a major period of isolationism right after this brief period of world-traveling, specifically as a overreaction to Ghengis Khan and his Mongol Hoard Horde! To date, has been the subject of eight television documentaries. As the author acknowledges in his introduction, later Ming Dynasty rulers destroyed all records documenting the sea voyages made by the Chinese during Zheng He’s rule.

His son, in replacing his father’s policies, had the fleets destroyed upon their return, along with records gathered during the voyage. Paperbackpages. Again, he says prevailing winds and currents make the long way a little easier. On October 24, at Ontario Linux Fest: Look, it’s an interesting idea that the Chinese could have sent an enormous fleet out to see what there was out there, and that they could have drawn up a map of everything, and then decided to close their borders and give up on the outside world, and that the maps could have ended up in the hands of the European explorers, and that those explorers could have found knick-knacks that were Chinese and people who might have been descended from Chinese people who ended up there long-term one ggavin or another.

It is just amazing how splenetic academics can be. This page was last edited on 20 Octoberat Menzies does not address the awkward question of why Ma, a stickler for detail and an aficionado of novelties, never mentions the wondrous excursion of his comrades to the Americas and Australia.

It is impossible to menaies track of how many self-confirming assumptions are at work in such citations of alleged evidence. Inscribed steles actually associated with Zheng He were carved in China before departure of the fleet, as with one erected in Ceylon in see Needham, Science and Civilisation in China, vol.

Comment on Gavin Menzies, The Year China Discovered the World

It has sold a million copies worldwide, and run to 24 editions in countries. Just not a slam dunk nor anything close. It did help that while this big fleet was gone, the Chinese government turned upside down and they decided they didn’t want to deal with the outside world anymore, so they burned all their evidence that these voyages ever happened.


The leaders of the Inca tribe — a vast, powerful mountain tribe in the Andes Mountains of South America — are thought by Menzies to have been governed by Chinese admirals.

His White Whale is Eurocentric historiography, which celebrates Columbus a thief and fraud, pp. Turns out there are very few people that agree with this book. It inspired me, at least to think that when there’s a will, there’s a way, especially when I get stuck in finishing one of my writing work.

But likely, it is not. But the Chinese went home, they didn’t colonise the world. Life is short and time is a scarce resource. Seemed that he’s trying to be honest, because the greatest part he did for the book was arranging other people’s work ; he wondered everytime he found a match in his research; he wanted to make sure that the proof are not coincidences. The Chinese were experienced horsemen for centuries, if not millennia, prior to the European age of exploration, and it’s logical that were they to make an expedition to the Americas, they would have brought their valuable horses with them.

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Overview of Google’s Technologies. Menzies was born in London, England, and his family moved to China when vavin was three weeks old.

For example, in view of meenzies long, perhaps year-long, connection between Arab and Indian voyaging and trade across the Indian and Chinese seas, and the reciprocal Chinese mercantile activity after sea-going junks had been designed about ADit would have been valuable to assess the extent of these foreign influences on Chinese geographical knowledge and mapping.