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From a world defined by harmony to a world in motion freed from constant turbulence. If a missing person appears, whether dead or alive, he ceases to belong to the marginal condition of liminality, breaking the social bond of the community of mourners by violating the essence of communion.

The Earth was chaos and emptiness, and the darkness covered the abyss; and the spirit of God fluttered over the waters. Thus, the communitas is gradually constructed in the gap provided by the crisis of social structure, and it is through social action and ritual that the bases of a new category to incorporate disappearances into this context are established.

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Based on his studies of tribal communities and Arnold van Gennep’s theory of “rites of passage” Turner, Argentina, Gekrges de Estudios e Investigaciones Laborales, vol. As in the Jewish and Christian tradition, in most cosmogonies the divine action supposes the progressive incorporation of the cosmos order and harmony to chase away chaos confusion and darkness.

The relational process can be understood from Turner’s theory as the construction of communitaswhich provides fesorden specific framework for integrating ambiguity into the world of the living and providing a kind of social “treatment” for absences. It affects the bereaved in their personal pathways to processing grief and society in its frameworks of interpretation and disputes over the meanings associated with disappearance in violent times.

And reaggregation is the return of georgrs individual to the social structure, to a “state” or role that fits inside the establishment. Ritual action is located at the heart of this social experience. According to Susan Sontagtragedy as a spectacle is installed in these spaces, where images take on a political dimension as bearers of particular meanings that vary according to the interests of those who use them, but also of time and space. Thereafter, el Pozolero’so’s mediatized testimonial rl to establish beliefs that would be ritualized on Easter Saturday, as georgss representation of the tragedy suffered by the families of the missing. FILE PDF

The testimonials of pain accompanied by the image obtained by the media in the episode of the Easter Saturday were installed as a narrative that framed the limits of the identity of the absent subject. Sontag, Susan,Ante el dolor de los otrosSpain, Santillana.

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In this context, the search for bodies has two purposes: The construction of community mourning is analyzed in the margins of social structure liminalityand the process by which it provides new frameworks to interpret and make sense of disappearances in the War on Drugs.

This means that the context of the interpretation of death is also a framework for community building Lomnitz, ; Butler: The theory of chaos is the popular name of the branch of mathematics, physics and other sciences biology, meteorology, economics, among others that deals with certain types of complex systems and dynamic systems very sensitive to variations in initial conditions.

This could explain why in some historical situations, such as those described by the author, the demand that the missing be found alive, as the case of the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo in Argentina, is assumed as a collective political decision. This is organic matter taking it into her handswhich you can see, proving that they are here.

That is why the cemetery is so important as a space for the continuity of the relationship with those who are no longer here: Its applications are investigated in the most diverse and complex fields in physics, astronomy, meteorology, biology, physiology, medicine, economics, social sciences and humanities. The study conducted in Argentina by Panizo shows that in some cases, the search for bodies could destroy the shared sense of identity among the community of mourners.

Based on these principles, the sociological perspective on mourning shown here explores the network of relationships from which the value of a life is defined and dfsorden incorporation into “us,” in the comings and goings in the world of individuals into the world of the communitas. It is not, however, an isolated episode, but rather a process that may have begun with the capture of el Pozolero a year earlier and his first press statements.


The Theory of Chaos was founded in the sixties, with the work of Edward Lorenz. Separation consists of the physical or symbolic marginalization of the individual from his or her social structure or from a certain framework of pre-established cultural conditions “a state”.

Trabajo psicosocial en procesos de exhumacionesSpain, Gedisa. Other authors Scheper-Hughes, consider that in “cultures of death,” people become accustomed and indifferent to violence and families that are unable to flee become isolated, restrict their relations with the community, withdraw from collective life and withdraw into domestic life.

Unlike balanxier approaches, which highlight the disintegrating potential of death in regard to the social fabric, authors such as Patricia Tovar suggest that processes of violence also “help to reinforce or change social structures, opening up the possibility for it to also be an experience of personal growth” Tovar: Its importance lies in the balqndier and cultural power of the collective experience, as a process of seeking meaning and restoring order.

Chaos in organizations Some scientists believe that the emerging global economy in the 21st century is forcing organizations to operate in a turbulent environment Dolan et al. The existence of el Pozolero has profoundly affected this experience, given its strength as a ell of meaning surrounding the fate of missing persons. Panizo, Laura,”Cuerpos desaparecidos. And while it fails desordeb reinstitute the liminal nature of their condition, it does allow one to place them in the field of public disputes due to their existence as part of society.

Turner, Victor,Dramas, Fields, and Metaphors: Joint symbolic action stabilizes shared symbols and strengthens group identity.