Geovision LPR cameras enable license plate recognition and can be used with Geovision PC based NVRs and Geovision stand-alone embedded NVRs. In this guide, we will show you how to install and configure the GeoVision ASManager software, and also the LPR plugin on an existing GeoVision MultiCam. GV-LPR+DVR Geovision License Plate Recognition Solution For Single Lane – Software + USB Dongle for 4 Lane. Available at Worldeyecam.

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Better Functioning When the detected license plate numbers beovision the vehicle registered in GV-ASManager’s database, the instant access is granted. Please, log in or register.

GeoVision – LPR Setup Guide | Worldeyecam Support for Security Camera Systems

Related Products Related Products. When we get request for installation services in the area that you service, we will refer the customer to you for installation and sales.

Geovision – Is my GeoVision card compatible with Windows 7? Alarm notifications and playing back LPR results are also supported.

Geovisio i73. You will need to configure these options for each of the lanes you are trying to add to the system, with there being a maximum of 8 lanes of LPR. Be the first to review this product.

GeoVision – How do I geovisin video storage location? Geovision – Is my GeoVision card stackable? You will see information such as what lane the plate read came from, and what it recognized the plate as. The GV-ASManager software can allow remote connections to search for license plates or even allow access ppr doors and locks. GeoVision – How do I perform software upgrade? If no LPR dongle is inserted, license plates will be captured but the plate numbers will not be recognized.


GV-LPR Geovision License Plate Recognition 4 Lane USB Dongle

I’m an existing customer. Ask a question and Give an answer. Geovision – Which ports are required for remote viewing? HD Digital Video Recorders. There have been geovisioj reviews. Enter your email address and password to login I’m a new customer.

We’ll email you a link to a page where you can easily create a new password. For example, in the image to the left, we removed some of the top and bottom of the video frame from being used to recognize the plates. Help your fellow customer. Shopping Cart Checkout View Cart. GeoVision – How do I setup auto reboot? To enter in the proper information, you have a few options:. Dealer Application Click Here. Geovision – Where can I download Multiview? This can sometimes be useful if there llr be other sources of letters or numbers coming into the video frame that you might want to ignore.

Add Your Own Geovidion. Video Tutorial – Access Control. Ranging from large complex military complexes to small convenience stores.

Sign up for newsletter today. In order to see a real-time display of plates being read, we will need to open up an LPR monitoring window. You may be asked to restart your computer. Insert Software DVD to your computer and a window will pop up automatically.


GeoVision | GV-LPR 2 Lane License Plates Detected in The Video Source | 2MCCTV

GeoVision – How to remove mosaic masks in Viewlog? Using the image to the left you can configure the following: GeoVision – How do I setup an analog camera in Multicam? You can experiment with the different options available for Matching Mode and also different Sensitivity levels until you find a balance that works best for you.

Core i53. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart.

Not sure what you need? LPR functionality is part of this, and if configured correctly can even be used to read license plates and automate entry into gated areas.

GeoVision – How do I install driver for geovisiin. The first time you launch the AS Manager software, you will be prompted to create a default administrator account. There are no product questions yet. Using the image to the left you can geovsiion the following:.

GeoVision – How do I change Multicam software resolution? Custom Multi-Camera Kits 2. GeoVision – How do I setup input trigger to be overlaid on screen? I’ve forgotten my password. Enter your e-mail Address Submit.

Custom Multi-Camera Kits 2.