L’idée de ce travail consiste à implémenter un système de contrôle découplé de la machine asynchrone double étoile connectée directement au réseau. Système de conversion Comme pour le système éolien précédent, un multiplicateur de vitesse est nécessaire pour entrainer la machine asynchrone à une. Etude par simulation hil des performances d’un statcom pour la stabilisation de la tension d’une generatrice asynchrone auto excitee dans un reseau autonome.

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GADA : Génératrice Asynchrone à Double Alimentation

Single and polyphase electromagnetic induction machines having regulated polar magnetic symmetry. Methods and apparatus for controlling electromagnetic flux in dynamoelectric machines.

Method for integrating controls for captive power generation facilities with controls for metallurgical facilities. Gas turbine engine starter generator with multiple windings on each exciter stator pole. gnrwtrice


Electric vehicle charging methods, battery charging methods, electric vehicle charging systems, energy device control apparatuses, and electric vehicles. Kind code of ref document: Rotary phase converter having circuity for switching windings to provide reduced starting current with rapid, dependable starting.

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WO2002060034A2 – Procede et systeme de generatrice asynchrone – Google Patents

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GADA : Génératrice Asynchrone à Double Alimentation – video dailymotion

Self-excited asynchronous alternating current generator with paramutual inductive coupling. Microangle drive system for stepping motor and microangle drive circuit therefor. Synchronous generator having auxiliary power windings and variable frequency power source.

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A2 Designated state s: