De Balzac. It was one o’clock in the morning, during the winter of , but in the Vicomtesse de Grandlieu’s salon two persons stayed on who did not. De Balzac. It was one o’clock in the morning, during the winter of –30, but in the Vicomtesse de Grandlieu’s salon two persons. Complete summary of Honoré Balzac’s Gobseck. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Gobseck.

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Know this for certain — methods are always confounded with results; you will never succeed in separating the soul from the senses, spirit from matter.

How silly they will look to-night when I shall come out with this story between two games of dominoes!

Gobseck by Honoré de Balzac – Free Ebook

His voice was so low; he always spoke suavely; he never flew into a passion. I stayed with him long enough to discern the progress of a passion which age had converted into a sort of craze. I ought to begin at the beginning by telling you about some one whom it is impossible that you should have known. When I held out the bill, I remarked that she had not been at home when I called in the morning.

To view it, click here. Yes, and I have not kept my word under circumstances which speak louder than all precepts.

Werbrust and Gigonnet, you thought you had old Papa Gobseck! I felt ready to offer to charge no more than twelve per cent, and so give something towards establishing her in a good way of business.

Gobseck – Wikipedia

Listen, child, and if you have any confidence in my love, let me guide you in life. First, he liked investing in smart projects, smart people, who could meet the expectations. The Vicomtesse de Grandlieu, be it said, was one of the greatest ladies in the Faubourg Saint—Germain, by reason of her fortune and her ancient name; and though it may seem improbable that a Paris attorney should speak so familiarly to her, or be so much at home gobseci her house, the fact is nevertheless easily explained.

I never knew anything whatsoever about his religious opinions, and so far as I could see, he was indifferent rather than incredulous.


Listen, my Ernest, you are big enough and intelligent enough gboseck see that your father drives me away, and will not allow me to nurse him, and this is not natural, for you know how balzacc I love him. The room was in frightful disorder; clothes and papers and rags bbalzac tossed about in a confusion horrible to see in the presence of Death; and there, in the midst, stood the Countess in disheveled despair, unable to utter a word, her eyes glittering.

So, by way of changing the conversation, I added, ‘But M. When I held out the bill, I remarked that she had not been at home when I called in the morning. Now, how came that Countess to put her name to a bill of exchange, legally not worth the paper it was written upon, but practically very good business; for these women, poor things, are afraid of the scandal that a protested bill makes in a family, and ablzac give themselves away in payment sooner than fail?

Gobseck is is essentially a a study in extreme avarice.

This gentleman here has just said, “My bills will be met when they are due,”‘ added he, producing certain drafts bearing the Count’s signature, all protested the day before at the request of some of the confraternity, who had ogbseck made them over to him Gobseck baalzac a considerably reduced figure. If there was no fire on the hearth, there was at any rate a monstrous heap of ashes. Derville buys the practice where he works with a loan from Gobseck.

In health he had been a man of refined and expensive tastes, now he positively delighted in the comfortless look of the room. Business is business, and business is not carried on with sentimentality like romances.

With the natural subtlety of perfidy, she took care to disguise M.

Trouble had withered that face already. His face, working with the last emotions of life, was almost hideous to see.

He drew a pair of pistols out of a pigeon-hole, remarking coolly:. Can you mean it? The oldest boy is a charming young fellow——’. Here, in short’ he lifted his hand to his forehead’all the inheritances and all the concerns of all Paris are weighed in the balance.

The diamond was quite worth twelve hundred francs to me. Now, no creature who has any credit with a bank comes to me. A pile of shaped pieces of linen told me that she was a sempstress. He pays off the debt in five years and marries Fanny Malvaut. It was the same young fellow who had brought the bill to me.


Gobseck believes that the only worthwhile values gobdeck self-interest and the worship of gold. Gold is the spiritual basis of existing society.

The business was dubious and shady; there was pressing need of coming to terms. Ablzac I in common decency lend a stiver to a man who owes thirty thousand francs, and has not one farthing? You had come to demand payment for a bill—no bill of hers.

Gobseck by Honoré de Balzac

Mental suffering was extinguishing all human instincts in this man of scarce fifty years of age, whom all Paris had known as so brilliant and so successful. If all usurers are like this one, I maintain that they belong to the neuter gender. The young Count adores her, and maintains her in her position with dutifulness worthy of all praise, and he is extremely good to his brother and sister.

Such wifely devotion seemed praiseworthy enough. No fortune can deceive us; we are in possession of family secrets in all directions. All the windows look on the street; the whole dwelling, in claustral fashion, is divided into rooms or cells of equal size, all opening upon a long corridor dimly lit with borrowed lights.

How many conjectures I made as I set out this morning! There, come round in the evening and bring your principal with you! All the women lose their heads over him. I took the keys of the rooms on the first and second floor to make a visitation. Another of my favorites! When the courtyard echoed with the sound of a departing carriage, the Vicomtesse looked up, saw that no one was present save her brother and a friend of the family finishing their game of piquet, and went across to her daughter.

What are we to take away from this story?