GOST , Hot-rolled steel for reinforcement of ferroconcrete structures. Specifications. Find the most up-to-date version of GOST at Engineering Nominal dimensions, Nominal weight(mass) per unitof length, kg/m, Tolerance, %, *Minimal number of bars in a bundle,pcs. Diameter, mm, Cross-sectional area .

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Besides we have a possibility of production of production according to your drawings. Titanium, titanium alloy Titanium sponge Titan technical Titan foundry alloy Titanium alloys.

The field glst wrongly filled. Aluminium, aluminium alloy Aluminium primary Aluminium technical Aluminium for desoxydation Aluminum foundry alloy Aluminum alloys Aluminium antifriction alloy Podsalivanii aluminum alloy Aluminum sintered alloy.

Beryllium bronze Sheet, strip foil. Production of non-ferrous metals Products cadmium and cobalt Production of lead, zinc and tin Products of copper Production of titanium Production of magnesium Products from aluminium Products of Nickel and chromium Production of nonferrous metals other.

A 8 fittings (bays) of GOST – Kompaniya OrbiStal, TOO |

European aluminium round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon yost, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon.

Rare metal mill-products Beryllium metal ingot Gadolinium metal ingot Gallium metal gpst Germanium metal ingot Yttrium metal ingot Lithium metal ingot Selenium metal ingot Scandium metal ingot. Titanium strip Titanium foil. More about our gist policy. Palladium and palladium alloys Palladium alloy Palladium. Alloy 45N Sheet, strip foil.


You send the specification with the indication of the sizes of brand of material and state standard specification or TU. Your question has been sent successfully. Steel, heat resistant alloy High-temperature alloy Low alloy high-temperature steel Steel high alloy high-temperature Relaxation-resistant ggost Steel heat-resistant Steel creep resisting and heat resisting The heat-resistant alloy heat-resistant The heat-resistant alloy Steel high-temperature alloy.

Stainless wire Stainless spring wire Stainless welding wire.

Strong and stable relations with manufacturing plants are established. Products made of cast iron and steel Steel pipes and special-purpose pipes Steel profiles Spring steel Steel with special magnetic properties Tool steel Production of iron and steel other Steel for pressure purposes Steel bars and wire rods Iron and steel forgings Non-alloy steel Production of iron and steel in General Heat-treated steels High quality steel Iron and steel castings Steel flat products and semi-finished products Steel for the reinforcement of concrete Steel wire, wire ropes and sectional chain.

Production sites are across all Russia and thanks to close cooperation you can order in the shortest possible time steel products under production. Strip foil Busbar, band. Expansion joints, yost Compensator Goat hose Mesh. Strip foil The tire strip. Copper-zinc alloy Copper-zinc solder Brass casting Brass pressure treated. Our consultant will save your time. Steels and alloys for special purpose Steel for shipbuilding Steel for structural constructions Steel is non-magnetic Steel magnetic Steels and alloys for medical purposes Steel for rail transport and Railways.


Cobalt strip, sheet, pig, ingot Wire, rod. Chromel wire NiCr10 Chromel sheet, strip.

A3 25G2S Armature 8 10 12 14 16 – 40mm of GOST – Biznes MS, Ltd |

Magnesium, magnesium alloy Magnesium primary Magnesium foundry alloy Magnesium alloys Magnesium-lithium alloy ultra-light Magnesium alloy with specific properties Magnesium charge alloy. PT-1M Rod barwire. Steels and alloys for castings The non-alloy casting steel Steel for castings with special properties Steel casting alloy Alloy for castings with special properties. Lantanhides Holmium metal ingot Dysprosium metal ingot Gpst metal ingot Ytterbium metal ingot Lanthanum metal ingot Lutetium metal Neodymium metal ingot Praseodymium metal ingot Samarium metal ingot Terbium metal ingot Thulium metal ingot Cerium metal ingot Erbium metal ingot.

This price list has exclusively information character and under no circumstances is not the public offer determined by provisions of the p. Titanium grade 23 sheet, plate, tube Rod barwire.

At600k fittings (At-IVK) of 14 25C2P GOST 5781-82

Ti-6Al-6V-2Sn Rod barwire. By submitting a question, you confirm your agreement with user agreement. Molybdenum, molybdenum alloy Molybdenum Molybdenum alloy Molybdenum-copper alloy. Marking Sectional and shaped rolling Sheets and stripes. Nickel alloys Nickel metal Rare Nickel alloys.

Magnesium pipe, wire Sheet, strip foil. Fittings are divided on: IncoloyAlloy Wire, rod bar The sheet platestrip foil Flange, valve, fitting. Obligatory field is not filled. Carrying out ultrasonic control UZK 7. The scheme of trade under production and rendering of services: