Syllabus for GPAT Paper. Pharmacology of drugs acting on Central nervous system, Cardiovascular system, Autonomic nervous system, Gastro intestinal. GPAT results are announced!!!! Click here to know your result!! For GPAT material, stay tuned to this site after NIPER-JEE [ ]. The GPAT question paper will consist of one hundred fifty ( Nos.) a candidate’s aptitude and knowledge of Pharmacy subjects and applied subjects ( as per the syllabus given in.

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Applications of plant tissue culture in pharmacognosy. How can I get admission in B.

Rhodes Organic Chemis try, Vol. Precipitation techniques, The colloidal state, Supersaturation, Co-precipitation, Post-precipitation, Digestion, washing of the precipitate, Filtration, Filter papers and crucibles, Ignition, Thermogravimetric curves, Specific examples like barium sulphate, aluminium as aluminium oxide, calcium as calcium oxalate syllabs magnesium as magnesium pyrophosphate, Organic precipitants; Non-aqueous titrations: Collection, processing and storage of whole human blood, concentrated human RBCs, dried human plasma, human fibrinogen, human thrombin, human normal immunoglobulin, human fibrin, foam plasma substitutes, -ideal requirements, PVP, dextran etc.

Neurohumoral transmission in the C. Finar Organic Chemistry by J.

TIPS 2 CRACK GPAT – Gpat India

Ideal score required for good universities? Definitions, types, mechanisms of drug penetration, factors influencing penetration, semisolid bases and their selection. Formulation, preparation and packaging of cosmetics for skin, hair, dentifrice and manicure preparations like nail polish, nail polish remover, Lipsticks, eye lashes, baby care products etc. Development of an orange red color on the paper indicates the presence of alkaloids. Antimicrobial spectrum and methods used for their standardization.

Histamine, Antihistaminic drugs, 5-HT- its agonists and syllaubs, Prostaglandins, thromboxanes and leukotrienes, Angiotensin, Bradykinin and Substance P and other vasoactive peptides, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and anti-gout agents.

Purine bases, alkaloids, pyrazolone derivatives, amino acids, quaternary ammonium compounds, carbohydrates, glycosides, anesthetics, dyes, surface active agents, correction of incompatibilities.

The test residue of each extract was taken separately in water, warmed and filtered. So follow following pattern. Organization and structure of retail and whole syllabuus drug store-types of drug store and design, legal requirements for establishment, maintenance and drug store-dispensing of proprietary products, maintenance of records of retail and wholesale, patient counseling, role of pharmacist in community health care and education First aid, communicable diseases, nutrition, family planning.


Standard redox potential, Nernst equation, Half-cell potential, Standard and indicating electrodes, potentiometric titrations; Conductometry: Pharmacokinetics of drug absorption – Zero order and first order absorption rate constant using Wagner-Nelson and residual methods. For wrong answers, 1 mark will be reduced for each wrong ones.

Handling of prescription, source of errors in prescription, care required in dispensing procedures including labeling of dispensed products. This fee includes bank charges as well and will not be refunded. Numerical problems on yields; Dehumidification and Humidity Control: Importance of basic fundamentals of physical chemistry in pharmacy; Behaviour of Gases: Drugs acting on the Gastrointestinal Tract: Industrial dermatitis, Accident records etc.

GPAT 2012 Exam Paper Pattern & Time Table

Significance of plasma drug concentration measurement. Two or more markings of choices for one question is not allowed and will be considered invalid. Advantages and disadvantages of tablets, Application of different types of tablets, Formulation of different types of tablets, granulation, technology on large-scale by various techniques, different types of tablet compression machinery and the equipments employed, evaluation of tablets. Stabilization and stability testing protocol for various pharmaceutical products.

Importance of microbiology in pharmacy ; Structure of bacterial cell; Classification of microbes and their taxonomy: Drugs used in the management of congestive cardiac failure, Antihypertensive drugs, Anti-anginal and Vasodilator drugs, including calcium channel blockers and beta adrenergic antagonists, Anti-arrhythmic drugs, Anti-hyperlipedemic drugs, Drugs used in the therapy of shock.


Acidic and basic drugs, Solvents used, Indicators; Complexometric titrations; Complexing agents used as titrants, Indicators, Masking and demasking; Miscellaneous Methods of Analysis: Diastase, papain, pepsin, trypsin, pancreatin. Out-patient dispensing, methods adopted; Dispensing of drugs to in-patients.

The printed form should be filled up only after reading all the instructions to fill it first which is available in the web and then following syllabjs while filling. Process variables, temperature, pressure, flow, level and vacuum and their measurements; elements of automatic process control and introduction to automatic process control systems; elements of computer aided manufacturing CAM. Which course I can take after completion of B.


To check the presence or absence of primary and secondary metabolites, all the extract were subjected to battery of chemical tests. Infectious Diseases – Tuberculosis, Urinary tract infections, Enteric infections, Upper respiratory infections.

GPAT Exam Paper Pattern & Time Table | GPAT | Exam & Results

Microbiology at a glance GPAT Tests were carried out with the filtrate using following reagent. But our experience and a survey said that in this method lot of student do silly error, or mistakes to fill OMR sheet in last time hurry or sometime remaining time is very less to fill OMR sheet due to mismanagement fod time by student.

Study of physical properties of drug like physical form, particle size, shape, density, wetting, dielectric constant. In vivo methods of evaluation and statistical treatment. Vitamins as co-enzymes and their significance. Basic Principles of Medicinal Chemistry: Determination of change in free energy – from equilibrium constant and reduction potential, bioenergetics, production of ATP and its biological significance; Enzymes: Protectives, Astringents and Anti-infectives; Gases and Ggpat If a red brown ring appears at the common syllwbus of the liquids, sugars are present.

The test is employed for digitoxose containing glycosides. Study Material posted Jul 22, Stains and types of staining techniques, electron microscopy; Nutrition, cultivation, isolation of bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, viruses, etc; Microbial genetics and variation; Control of microbes by physical and chemical methods: Physical and chemical incompatibilities, inorganic incompatibilities including incompatibilities of metals and their salts, non-metals, acids, alkalis, organic incompatibilities.

Basic Mechanisms involved in the process of inflammation and repair: