Grimhaven has 60 ratings and 7 reviews. Still said: From Wikipedia: Grimhaven is the manuscript for an unpublished book by hard-boiled crime writer Char. Willeford’s first attempt at a Moseley sequel was called Grimhaven. With suitably black-hearted aplomb, Willeford had his hero strangle his two. File:Charles Willeford – Grimhaven – Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better.

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File:Charles Willeford – Grimhaven – — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2

But you might be able to read it at your local library—so long as you live in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Pick a weekday between 9 and 5 some special-collections hours are by appointment, so call ahead. Park on the third floor of the public garage adjoining the Broward County Library, walk across the connecting bridge, and proceed past the information desk to the elevator.


Take it to the sixth floor. Ask the librarian to retrieve Box 1 from the Willeford collection. Certainly, there are bootleg copies of Grimhaven floating around. So the Bienes reading room it is. Budget no more than half a day to get through the manuscript.

File:Charles Willeford – Grimhaven – Cover.jpg

But unlike the screw-loose misfit who ultimately does the right thing by family and friends in the four official entries in the Moseley series, the Moseley of Grimhaven undergoes a chillingly calm psychotic break.

Murder, of course, ensues. But Gfimhaven is also stuffed with mordant humor so deadpan that Willeford seems to have given the skillet a postmortem beating for good measure. Willeford takes no prisoners in Grimhaven except, possibly, for Moseley himself. What changed his mind, then? Different people, different settings. Betsy Willeford is a fine reviewer of mysteries and other fiction for the Miami Herald.

Grimhaven – Wikipedia

But even though Grimhaven likely would become a cult classic, she refuses to publish it. Nothing may stay hidden long in Florida, as Willeford wrote. Indeed, anyone burning to read his unpublished Hoke Moseley novel can do so by filing a literary writ of habeas grmihaven at the Broward County Library. But the fact that Grimhaven might be destined to remain shrouded in mystery is not necessarily such a bad thing.


Frank Sennett, a regular Booklist contributor, can be found online at franksennett. Grimmhaven thanbook reviews for librarians, book groups, and book lovers—from the trusted experts at the American Library Association.

Go to Advanced Search. First published May 1, Booklist. For such a short novel, Grimhaven packs quite a punch. Find more feature articles by Frank Sennett.