Grimorium Verum & Ancient Grimoire of Dark Magic Now a Mysterious Book of Masters with Evocation Sigils! Filled with Full Color Talisman Sigils – This is not a . 79ff) “this grimoire was par excellence the magical book of Europe. There is some mystery about actual manuscripts of the Grimorium Verum. The French. GRIMORIUM VERUM Vel probatissimè Salomonis Claviculæ Rabini Hebraïci in quibus tum naturalia tum super naturalia secreta licet abditissima in promptu.

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Peterson’s edition of this grimoire is the most comprehensive source, and I have indexed the spells that appear in his version but are not available in the public domain translation pdf. In the first part is contained various dispositions of characters, by which powers the spirits or, rather, the devils are invoked, to make them come when you will, each according to his power, and to bring whatever is asked: In the first part brimoire taught the means of calling forth the Elemental Spirits of the AirEarthSea or of the Infernusaccording to their affinities.

In the second part are expressed the secrets, both Natural and Supernatural which operate by the power grimoite the Daemons. You will find the manner to make use of them, and all without deceit. In the third part is the Key to the Work, vedum the manner of using it.

Grimorium Verum – Wikipedia

But, before starting this, it will be necessary to be instructed in the following: There are three powers, which are LuciferBeelzebuth and Astaroth. You must engrave their Characters in the correct manner and at the appropriate hours. Believe me, all this is gdimoire consequence, nothing is to be forgotten.

You must carry the aforesaid character with you. If you are male, in the right pocket, and it is to be written in your own bloodor that of a sea-turtle. You put at the two half-circles the first letter of your name and surname.

And if you wish more, you may draw the character on an emerald or ruby, for they have a sympathy for the spirits, especially those of the Sunwho are the most knowledgeable, and are better than the others.

If you are a female, carry the character on the left side, between the breasts, like a Reliquary; and always observing, as much as the other sex, to write or have engraved the character on the day and in the hour of Mars.

Obey the spirits in this, that they may obey thee.

The spirits who are powerful and exalted, serve only their confidants and intimate friends, by the pact made or to be made according to certain characters at the will of Singambuth or of his Secretary. Aabidandes, of whom we will give you information, is the perfect acquaintance to call, conjure and constrain, as you will see in the Key, where you will be given a method of making a pact with the spirits.

There are only two kinds of pact, the tacit and the apparent [or explicit]. You will know the one from the other, if you read this gfimoire book. Know, however, that there are many kinds of spirits, some attractive and others not attractive. It is grmioire you make a pact with a spirit, and have to give the spirit something which belongs to you, that you have to be on your guard. In regard to spirits, there are the superior and the inferior.

Names of the superiors are: LuciferBeelzebuthAstaroth. The inferiors of Lucifer are in Europe and Asia, and obey him. Beelzebuth lives in Africa, and Astaroth inhabits America. Of these, each of them has two who order their subjects all that which the Emperor has resolved to do in all the world, and vice-versa.


Spirits do not always appear in grimorie same shape. This is because they are not themselves of matter or form, and have to find a body to appear in, and one suitable to their intended manifestation and appearance.

Lucifer appears in the form and figure of a fair boy. When angry, he seems red.

There is nothing monstrous about him. Beelzebuth appears sometimes in monstrous forms, sometimes like a giant cow, at times like a he- goatwith a long tail. When angry, he vomits veruum.

Here are three characters of Luciferoutside his circle: The following are those of Beelzebuth and Astaroth placed outside their circles:. It is only necessary, when you desire to invoke them, to call them by their characters, which they themselves have given. And when you wish to invoke them, call them to serve you, in the manner taught in the Third Part. Lucifer has two demons under him: Those of Beelzebuth are Tarchimache and Fleruty. The characters of Satanackia and Fleruty are:.

The two inferiors of Astaroth are Sagatana and Nesbirosand their characters are: There are yet other daemons, apart from these, who are under Duke Syrach. There are eighteen of these, and their names are:. There are other daemons, but as they have no power, we shall not speak of them. The powers of the eighteen above-mentioned ones are these:. He can give great riches to he who makes a pact with him, for he is much loved by Lucifer. It is he who causes money to be brought.

Under Satanachia and Sataniciae are fourty-five [or, according to other versions, fifty-four] daemons. Four of these, the chiefs, are SergutthyHeramaelTrimasael and Sustugriel. The others are of no great consequence. These spirits are of great advantage, and they work well and speedily, in the case that they are pleased with the operator. Sergutthy has power over maidens and wives, when things are favourable.

Heramael teaches the art of healing, including the complete knowledge of any illness and its cure, He also makes known the virtues of plants, where they are to be found, when to pluck them, and their making into a complete cure. Trimasael teaches chemistry and all means of conjuring of the nature of deceit or sleight-of-hand. He also teaches the secret of making the Powder of Projection, by means of which the base metals may be turned into gold or silver.

Sustugriel teaches the art of magic. He gives familiar spirits that can be used for all purposes, and he also gives mandragores.

Agalierept and Tarihimal are the rulers of Elelogapwho grimoirre turn governs matters connected with water. Nebirots rules Hael and Surgulath.

The former Hael enables anyone to speak in any language he will, and also teches the means whereby any type of letter may be written. He is also able to teach those things which are most secret and completely hidden.

The Grimorium Verum

Sergulath gives every means of speculation. In addition, he instructs as to the methods of breaking the ranks and strategy of opponents. Subject to these are the eight most powerful subordinates:. BUCONcan cause hate and spiteful jealousy between members of the opposite sexes.

This is the Invocation: This Invocation is to be made on virgin parchmentwith the characters of the Demon upon it, which causes the intermediary Scirlin to come. For from this depend all the others, and it can constrain them to appear in spite of themselves, as he has the power of Emperor.

Lord God Adonay, who hast made man in Thine own image and resemblance out of nothing! I, poor sinner that I am, beg Thee to deign bless and sanctify this water, so that it may be healthy for my body and my soul, and that all foolishness should depart from it. Lord God, all-powerful and ineffable, and who led Thy people out of the land of Egypt, and has enabled them to cross the Red Sea with dry feet!


Accord me this, that I may be purified by this water of all my sins, so that I may appear innocent before Thee!

Grimorium Verum (True Grimoire) (French with parallel English translation)

When the operator has thus purified himself, he is to set about the making of the Instruments of the Art. It is necessary to have a knife or lancet, of new steelmade on the day and hour of Jupiter with the Moon crescent. If it cannot be made, it may be bought, but this must be done at the time, as above. Having achieved this, you will say the Orison or Conjuration following, which will serve for the knife and lancet. I conjure thee, O form of the Instrument, by the authority of our Father God Almighty, by the virtues of Heaven and by the Stars, by the virtue of the Angels, and by the virtue of the Elements, by the virtues of the stones and herbs, and of snow-storms, winds and thunder: And this without deception, untruth, or anything of that nature whatsoever, by God the Creator of the Sun of Angels!

Dalmaley lamekh cadat pancia velous merroe lamideck caldurech anereton mitraton: Most Pure Angels, be the guardians of these instruments, they are needed for many things.

On the day of Mars [ Tuesday ] at the New Moonmake a knife of new steel which is strong enough to cut the neck of a kid with one blow, and make a handle of wood on the same day and in the same hour, and with an engraver you engrave on the handle these characters: Then asperge and fumigate it, and you have prepared an instrument for service when and where you wish. First, there is the Orison which is needful on asperging, and it is thus recited: In the name of the immortal God, asperge 150948 and clean you of all foolishness and all deceit, and you will be whiter than snow.

Then pour as the aspersion blessed water thereon, saying: These aspersions are necessary for every item of equipment; so also is the fumigation which follows. To fumigate, it is necessary to have a cruse, in which you place coal newly kindled with a new fire, and let it be well ablaze.

On this you place aromatics, and when perfuming the article in question, say the following:. Angels of God, be our help, and may our work be accomplished verjm you. And do thou also, O Adonay, come and give to this a virtue so that this creature may gain a shape, and by this let our work be accomplished.

Virgin parchment can be made in many ways. Generally it is made of the skin of a goat or a lamb, or other animal, which must be virgin. After inscribing on the blade AGLA, and having fumigated it, the knife will serve you for all purposes. Remember that when you make the Sacrifice in order to obtain the virgin parchment from the kid, all the grimoiree must be on the altar. You make the baton [or Rod, staff] of the Art from Hazel wood that has never borne, and cut it with a single stoke on the day and in the hour of Mercury [ Wednesday ], at the Crescent Moon.

And you engrave it with the needlethe pen or the lancet, in the following characters: The seal and character of Frimost to be inscribed on the first Rod: