teacher competences and attributes which underpin professional excellence. The .. 6 GTCNI Review of Teacher Competences Structured Questionnaire Use of a Range of Strategies and Resources. Differentiation Strategies. 14, Motivation Strategies. ICT Strategies and Resources. 11, Field Trips. Hagan, Martin () Developing teacher competence and professionalism in. Northern Ireland: an analysis of ‘Teaching: the reflective profession’ (GTCNI.

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Teachers will plan for out-of-school learning, including school visits and field work, where appropriate. Teachers will have developed a knowledge and understanding of the need to take account of the significant features of pupils’ cultures, languages and faiths and to address the implications for learning arising from these.

Education Department

Teachers will have developed a knowledge and understanding of how to use technology effectively, both to aid pupil learning and to support their professional role, and how coompetences competence embeds across all of the competences. Information Technology in Special Education book chapter.

Digest of Statistics Teachers will have developed a competendes and understanding of the statutory framework gtcnk to education and schooling and their specific responsibilities emanating from it. In the Education Department we are committed to the view of education as a powerful and positive influence on personal development and community well-being. Computer Literacy in UK Education – an evolving strategy. The tutors in the Education Department form a highly enthusiastic team and are always seeking ways to enhance the experience and learning of our teacher education students.


Report of a Survey on English as an Additional Language. Teachers will have developed a knowledge and understanding competencces the factors that promote and hinder effective learning, and be aware of the need to provide for the holistic development of the child. Teachers will have developed a knowledge and understanding of curriculum development processes, including planning, implementation and evaluation.

Teachers will secure and promote a standard of behaviour that enables all pupils compwtences learn, pre-empting and dealing with inappropriate behaviour in the context of the school policies and what is known about best practice.

Partnership for School Experience.

Competence Research – General Teaching Council For Northern Ireland

Teachers will have developed a knowledge and understanding of the interrelationship between schools and the communities they serve, and the potential for mutual development and well-being. Global Dimension Online Course. Thinking Skills across the Curriculum. Designed and Developed by i3 Digital.

Our courses are constantly under review to ensure that they give students the very best opportunity to develop the abilities, skills and qualities they need in order to become successful educators within the context of the competence framework of the GTCNI.

Teachers will focus on assessment for learning by monitoring pupils’ progress, giving constructive feedback to help pupils reflect on and improve their learning. Irish Medium Education Team.


General Teaching Council Northern Ireland

Primary – Irish Medium. Introduction to Global Dimension. Service Complaints Procedure Fairtrade at St Mary’s. Privacy Notice Update Protecting your personal information Please competwnces the button below to view.

ggcni Teachers will, when appropriate, deploy, organise and guide the work of other adults to support pupils’ learning. Teachers will contribute to the life and development of the school, collaborating with teaching and support staff, parents and external agencies. Business Plan and Governance Framework. Teachers will have developed a knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities under the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice and know the features of the most common special needs and appropriate strategies to address these.

Teachers will select from a range of assessment strategies to evaluate pupils’ learning, and use this information in their planning to help make their teaching more effective. Education Department Education Department The Education Department is centrally concerned with courses in the professional development competneces teachers.

Teachers will create and maintain a safe, interactive and challenging learning environment, with appropriate clarity of purpose for activities.

Teachers’ Voice Resource Bundle. Events 05 – The department is composed of compeetnces teams: