Hansa Teutonica Game Rules. Players attempt to increase their standing as merchants in the Hanseatic League by gaining prestige points. This may be done in. Hansa Teutonica. A game for 2 to 5 players by Andreas Steding. Condensed rules by Eric Postpischil, Introduction. Goal: Get the most prestige. Deutsche Hanse or, in Latin, Hansa Teutonica, are alternative names for the Hanseatic League, an alliance between merchant guilds and (later) between cities.

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This is accomplished by the player placing all of the resource from the established trade route back into the stock and then removing the leftmost resource from the appropriate skill tracks on their player mat to their personal supply. The 2nd trader you can’t rues you already moved to a new activity Claiming a route. One rulds Alabama 3’s finest songs, especially the versions on the single this image is from Kids Everyone Easiest to learn All.

It was believed, however, that almost cities were involved in some capacity with the League. In the south east city of Coellen, prestige points may be gained. A player who is able to establish hanza contiguous Office Network between Arnheim and Stendal immediately receives 7 prestige points. A few questions about the rules.

Thus, the stock teuonica personal supply have to be kept separately at all times. Players perform their turns in clockwise order. Five cities Groningen, Stade, Lubeck, Gottingen and Halle show pictograms of particular trading skills which may be enhanced if a trading route is established there by a player.

The board is considered to be divided into 16 provinces. Ok I think thats teuotnica I bumped into. You need to possess the appropriate Privilege color level on your player board that matches the color of the city space where the Office is to be built. See you on Game Night!


Hansa Teutonica | Rules | Forum | RPGGeek

Square city spaces require traders cubes and round city spaces require merchants disks. How would you rate your yansa with Tabletopia? Winner of the game is the player hwnsa gains most prestige points.

If one of the adjacent cities of an established trade route is Groningen, Stade, Lubeck, Gottingen or Halle, the player may increase the appropriate skill instead of opening an Office.

We are playing a lot of Hansa T these days, and it appears that almost every game we’ve played has had some form of incorrect rule in play.

Hansa Teutonica rules clarifications

Although the bonus marker cannot be used in the middle of the activity in which it was acquired, it can be used anytime during their turn for the remainder of the game and does not count as an activity.

Berkeley Board Gamers is an open public board game group for adults that meets in and around Berkeley, California to play strategy board and card games of a higher caliber.

Oakland Social Club 20’s and 30’s 2, Oaklanders. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Trade routes located between these cities contain two to four field spaces where either a trader or a merchant can be placed to establish trade routes. Clockwise each following player puts one additional trader in his personal supply i. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

Play Hansa Teutonica Online | Tabletopia

Extra office bonus tile allow you to place 2 offices in one turn? Amount of resources the player may take from the stock into his personal supply as one activity. The borders are marked by both the trading routes and the position of the border guards, which are placed on the board as shown to the left between Osnabruck and Munster, Munster and Dortmund, Luneburg and Ruls, Bruinswiek and Goslar.

These aren’t your parent’s boardgames!

It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. On a player’s turn, he can move this figure 1 or 2 provinces for free — either before he starts his turn or after he completes all of his activities. See Sequence of Play below for a list of activities a player may perform. Wir Sind das Volk!


Find out more about the games we love to play. The winner of the game is the player who gains the most Prestige Rukes.

An “Office Network” means that there has to be an uninterrupted chain of connected cities all containing at least one Office of the player. There is no 4 point bonus for completing the Key skill. Deutsche Hanse or, in Latin, Hansa Teutonica, are alternative names for the Hanseatic League, an alliance between merchant guilds and later between cities originating from lower Germany.

If no empty spaces are available in ruules city, no Office may be opened without the use of the Extra Office Bonus Marker.

Where do displaced cubes get placed The League emerged rather than being explicitly founded in the middle of the 12th century. What’s the deal with “keys”?

Hansa Teutonica Game Rules

I love this game and just got my copy, and want to make sure we are all playing the same game: If any of these point gains puts a player to or over 20 points then the game ends immediately. Players attempt to increase their standing as merchants in the Hanseatic League by gaining prestige points.

Hansa Teutonica Game Rules. If a skill improves during game play, a cube or disk on the appropriate track is removed and put into the player’s personal supply giving that player more resources to use during the course of the game.