This paper model is Samaritan Revolver, Hellboy’s weapon, based on the Hellboy comic and film, the papercraft is created by UHU You can download this. This is the Samaritan gun, the big-barreled shooter that Hellboy uses only after muttering Samaritan Gun Papercraft [Way Nifty via ToyCyte]. We thought HAL was pretty cool, but this papercraft model of Hellboy’s Good Samaritan is ridiculously detailed, down to the hammer, cylinder and.

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You can download the pieces from the link. A mate put me onto this stuff, after seeing the struggles I went through getting hellbiy couple of the Colt Navys parts smooth using the hellbpy method. Send a private message to jparenti. The techniques used in this thread ore not traditional card modelling techniques, but rather show how I build a card model using the design as basis for a much stronger and hopefully more realistic version.

Samaritan-Gun Hellboy Revolver Papercraft

I really hope it fits past the catch thingy on the back It is really fantastic. I like big guns.

A warmer tone was mixed by adding a bit of mid brown with our original colour, and applied around areas of wear, like the hammer, rear and underside of the weapon. This was quite an engineering feat, and way beyond my normal scope as I’m usually quite happy with non-working replicas.


But it appears the ‘real’ gun used the same arm as a more elegant pin lever instead. paperrcaft

Which is shame, ‘cos i thought gin was cool. I have used superglue to strengthen small boat hulls but never saw it used to the level of expertise you have shown.

One of the simplest improvement to the basic kit is to cut out the slots on the side of the top strap. I’m still not sure it’ll be strong enough, but time will tell. A trick for cutting such heavy laminations is to cut one layer at a time, stick it to the papercract layer and use it as a template to cut the next layer.

Anyways, this goes a little bit beyond cranes and hearts. Check out the video after the jump…. I’ve stippled on a layer a gunmetal colour mixed with Citadel Chaos Black and Boltgun metal. BB code is On. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cardmodel turned into something so fantasticly detailed and so apparently real! Send a private message to ThunderChild. I made this as a full tube and cut it to fit. I’m working on more of the details today, the BPRD logos on the grip in particular.

Hellboy, the outlook still is not. The huge size of this weapon is really becoming apparent now. All times are GMT Next trick it to cut out your first pieces, trace around them, cut out the new piece 1mm inside the line, and glue it to the first. I was never really great at papercrafts.


This is the basic plan for all parts, but you will need to plan ahead, and subtract a bit from many parts to allow for the thickness of card on other edges. It’s really starting to take shape now.

I aslo added ribbing on the top of the thumb break. Still, I can start laminating my Thompson. Don’t ever carry that through an airport.

Bullets And Paper Cuts: Hellboy’s Samaritan – Geekologie

With each new set comes another opportunity to go on the hunt, to be the first to blind box a chaser or variant and if nothing else but for the thrill of opening just one more box…. The hhellboy is translated from Japanese pretty funny to just read googles translation so good luck. I second what jparenti said, I know some cops who’d stop you for sure.

Smells a bit though. The rest of the build has gone relatively smoothly so far, don’t forget to bevel the edges of the outer barrel pices so they fit nice and tight together.

The whole lower section of pxpercraft frame right to the back near the handle is pretty much solid laminated cardboard.