Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison – book cover, description, publication history . Summary: Entertaining teenage novel with strong similarities to A Christmas Carol in its tale of an obnoxious girl being shown the error of her. Bridget Duke, father is a famous sportscaster, and Bridget herself is both entitled and deeply insecure. [H]is fame made me cool by association.

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This plot is so perfectly written that it will suck you in and not let go. Wer sie zur Freundin hat, braucht keine Feinde mehr. Comments Does not seem like something I would be hre in reading. Sie ist nicht tot – aber auch nicht lebendig.

Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison – book review

I mean, what girl would stay friends with Bridget? Conversely, Bridget’s journey to forgiveness seemed to be happening at warp speed, as she renounced her wicked former ways incredibly quickly and I’d like the second part of the book to have more depth to it.

Everything starts going downhill though when a new girl arrives at school. But Bridget doesn’t view that as a gift — just as a tool for manipulation and destruction. Here Lies Bridget is not an original story. It was that bad. I’ve jarbison to be honest. When Bridget crashes her car bridgey a fit of madness, she’s sent to a boardroom full of people she has terrorized during her life. Ich konnte mich zwar nicht mit ihr identifizieren, sondern habe sie stellenweise abgrundtief gehasst, doch genau so sollte man bei Bridget auch empfinden.


Review: Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison

Does not seem like something I would be interested in reading. Bridget’s status as the Queen Bee is jeopardized when new girl in school Anna Judge wins over her classmates–just harbiskn being nice to them! I don’t like feeling confused at the end. Overall, a delightful and witty book that certainly deserves five stars in my opinion. To ask other readers questions about Here Lies Bridgetplease sign up.

The ending took my breath away. Nov 18, Nic added it Shelves: I wanted more remarkable change from her. She never thought anyone would dare to argue back.

Harbison started to lose my interest once Bridget entered limbo, however. I just wasted my Saturday afternoon. In a fit of anger, she races her car with reckless abandon…and ends up in a kind of purgatory where she must literally walk in the shoes of those whom she has affected. As with “A Christmas Carol,” it’s only through forced empathy that she truly sees the effects of her actions. Her best friends seem to be Michelle and Jillian and she doesn’t even show them one iota of respect either.


And, no, I don’t intend to read this one again.

Here Lies Bridget

This part of the book was my favorite. I’d love to tell you about sweet Liam, awkward Michelle and all the other characters, but I really think this is a book you need to go into without any spoilers. She has pretty much everything she wants, except for her mother who diedher boyfriend who broke up with her and her father who’s a popular sports announcer and rarely home.

Here Lies Bridget is a beautiful that is very powerful and full of emotions. Jan 10, Krista CubicleBlindness Reviews rated it liked it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Sure, she’ll palge things right because she feels bad about what she did. I don’t feel like I wasted too much time on it. Bridfet characters kept me from connecting to this one, in the end.

Alle bewundern und beneiden sie. The second chapter goes back to explain what brought Bridget, the most notorious girl in school to the contemplation of suicide.