October Quick Start Guide for UDC Universal Digital Controller. For detailed instructions see UDC Controller Product Manual UDC Application Note. UDC AS AN AUTO/MANUAL STATION. SEVERAL CUSTOMERS HAVE LEARNED THAT THE UDC IS AN EXCELLENT. View and Download Honeywell UDC product manual online. Universal Digital Controller. UDC Controller pdf manual download.

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Refer to Section 6 – Output Calibration for details.


Some are Read Only and are indicated as such and cannot be changed. Decreases Increases the configuration values or the configuration values or changes functions in changes functions in Configuration Configuration mode groups. Page Position Proportional calibration.

All other groups are read only. If it is connected, only one instrument should run the loopback test at a time. Universal digital controller manua wiring board replacements 8 pages. It will indicate which version of UDC you have and help them determine a solution to your problem. If there ud3c200 a malfunction, a diagnostic message will be displayed blinking in the lower display.

The tuning parameters calculated by this selection are aimed at reducing PV overshoot of the SP setting. Page 75 mA output or mA output mA operation without the need for recalibration of the instrument.

Page – Table Troubleshooting Time Proportio Use Fast Blo fuses only. Opening the contact will cause the Controller to revert to its original state. Page of Go. Installation 2 Installation 2.


SS plus a clockwise rotating clock face.

Page 59 Selections are same as Same as above above. The tag IDs represent the register addresses used in the Request Message.

Honeywell universal digital controller product manual pages. Honeywell UDC Manual 8 pages. Limit Cycle Tuning with the objective of producing damped or Dahlin tuning parameters, depending upon the detected process honeywlel. Exit the The controller stores the span value. Connect shield to ground at one Connect shield end only.

If necessary, install a zener diode here to reduce voltage at the transmitter. There are four alarm setpoints, two for each alarm. Table Condensed Specifications It can be enabled or disabled depending on the application or the control criteria.

Installation instructions supplied with the new board. Identifies a connection to the chassis or frame of the equipment shall be bonded to Protective Earth at the source of supply in accordance with national and local electrical code requirements. The decimal location here corresponds decimal configuration chosen in the Display Set up group.

There are two types of parameters: DP value by “90” to normalize the equation. Mounting Mounting Notes Before mounting the controller, refer to the nameplate on the outside of the case and make a note of the model number. Page 57 The ramping current setpoint can be viewed as SPn in the lower display. Page – Table Troubleshooting an Ethernet C Sales And Service Av.


Page – Position Proportional and Three Position Alarm Setpoints Installation for alarm relay contact information. Writes to these locations are not available when Accutune is enabled. Manual to Automatic is bumpless. Symptoms Compare your symptoms with those shown in Table Write Configuration Examples This is the response to the above request.

Thereafter, that selected number must be used to change the lockout level from something other than NONE. The following formula applies: Setting Failsafe Mode This section explains the operation of each selection and configuration reference where necessary. In addition to the error message prompts, there are failure symptoms that can be identified by noting how the controller displays and indicators are reacting.

Honeywell UDC3200 Product Manual

Write down the Model and Serial Numbers of your instrument. Electromechanical relays are rated at 5 Amps Vac or Vac or 30 Vdc. Two insulated copper leads for connecting the calibrator to the controller. The instrument configuration will now be the same as it was when the instrument left the factory and all user- entered configurations since that time have been overwritten.

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