HP iPAQ c Windows Mobile smartphone. Announced Sep Features ″ display, MP primary camera, mAh battery, MB RAM. HP iPAQ c user manual,User Guide download from HP, HP iPAQ c user manual pdf download from and Manufacturer. HP iPAQ c – 3G GSM – smartphone overview and full product specs on CNET.

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Status Icons To locate the serial and model number: Install the battery and replace The camera is not available on all models. If you do not know the correct voice mail or text message phone numbers, contact your mobile phone service provider.

HP iPAQ c – Full phone specifications

If you do not sign out of Windows Live Messenger, you remain on a data connection, which might result in additional charges from your service provider. Page 7 15 Connections Use Wireless Manager Download messages The manner in which you download messages depends on the type of account you have: Optical Sensor Sensor Resolution. The LED flash has a softer burst of light and in contrast to the much brighter Xenon flash, is used for recording videos as well.

Term Definition Authentication Verification of a numeric passkey before a connection or activity can be completed.

Cancel an appointment When you delete an appointment in calendar on your HP iPAQ, it is also deleted on your computer the next time you synchronize. To organize your images: In some mobile devices this is the internal upaq, which stores the OS. HP Model Model name of the device.


HP iPAQ c – Specifications

Check the details of your rate plan. Tap the phone number. Quiet, Normal, or Noisy. In the Status box, tap Completed.

This website is using cookies. You cannot copy preinstalled files or system files. List of some of the most common audio file formats and codecs supported standardly by the device. Tap Edit and do one or both of the following: You need to tap the screen while capturing photos to view the Brightness slider. Do one of the following: The cache memory is used by the processor in order to shorten the time needed to access data and instructions that a frequently used.

Tap the thumbnail of the image to be printed. Select a different numbered port. You can communicate only with Bluetooth devices that support at least one of the following profiles: Page 62 To mark an open task as completed: Use Messaging Select the Use when replying and forwarding check box if required.

Page 19 – Step 3: The fewer balls you leave behind, the higher your score will be.

You can connect using: Applies for devices in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped. Enter a signature in the box. Tap Search to start the search. The loudspeaker is a device, which reproduces various sounds such as ring tones, alarms, music, voice mannual, etc.

Advanced Connection Settings Advanced connection settings To set up advanced connections: Select one or both of the following options: Edit Mms Settings Enter the user name and password.

If the appointment has not been synchronized with a computer, it will be deleted only from your HP iPAQ. To adjust the brightness of the backlight: The Today screen The Today screen displays the date and time and provides a quick status of the upcoming appointments, your current profile, and the number of unread text messages.

  ABNT NBR 13531 PDF

In the Network screen, tap the Network selection list. You can send and receive: Power Using the Power application you can view the amount of battery power remaining. Memory Supported Flash Memory Cards. One of the main characteristics of the cameras of mobile devices is their resolution, which shows the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the image.

Outgoing server settings User name Enter your user name for the outgoing e-mail server. What should I do?

If you have trouble connecting to the Internet, please perform the following checks: Don’t have an account? Information ipa the Bluetooth version of the device.

HP iPAQ h3800 Pocket PC series User Manual

Video button to go into the 610v mode. Troubleshoot Automatic Detection Troubleshoot automatic detection If the automatic detection setting fails, complete one or more of the following items: In the Running Programs list, tap the program you want to close, and then tap Stop. They increase the performance of the device allowing the execution of multiple instructions in parallel.