His real name was not Ignazio Silone – he was born Secondino Tranquilli. Pescina was not Fontamara and Silone was not a poor peasant. Ignazio Silone,. FONTAMARA. Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A., Milano. INDICE. Cenni biografici su Ignazio Silone. Cenni critici. La fortuna di. Fontamara is one of the Italian classics of the twentieth century. It was written Its author, Ignazio Silone, was a controversial figure throughout his life. He was a .

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Penguin Forces Book Club Vontamara 1. By it was available in 20 countries and a stage version–‘Bitter Stream’–was showing in New York.

Gramsci was arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Ignazio Silone and Fontamara

Berardo makes a speech against Innocenzo who is humiliated and who then spends the night with Marietta. In the eyes of those who watched him without let-up, his every gesture and word took on fontqmara importance.

Jesus had in His hand a piece of real white bread and was saying “This white bread is My body”. The Fontamaresi don’t know about the new Fascist regime and mistake the blackshirts for their dead.

Italian in order that as many people understand the text as possible. But the anxiety and stress was not simply the result of illness and isolation. Ignazio Silone tells the story in an interesting and unusual fashion, though the voices of three narrators, husband, wife and son of the same family.

The most important fact was that Russian soldiers had deserted and crossed over to the side of the rebellious workers.

Ignazio Silone and Fontamara

One incident summed up the situation: A boy delivers the news to the village and the women go to the regional capital city in order to protest. Neither have we, came the response. Many of the disillusioned intellectuals of the s with whom he mixed became simple apologists for capitalism and the ‘American Way of Life’.


The pretext was a document by Trotsky attacking the disastrous policies of the Comintern in China, where collaboration with the nationalists had led directly to the massacre of tens of thousands of workers in Shanghai and Wuhan. The Fontamaresi often are quite passive in their reactions, attributing events to God’s will or destiny. John Bingham writes on Feb.

He has always been our defence but also our downfall. Her loyalty to him was unswerving, but so was her loyalty to the Party.

David Beecham: Ignazio Silone and Fontamara (Summer )

Fucino will go to he fntamara can cultivate it, he who has the means to cultivate it. Silone was expelled for not having broken fully with the ‘renegades’, with the suggestion that he was also mentally unbalanced. All this begins to be disrupted when the fundamental nature of power and life changes.

I know the fatalism that dominates them and makes them into little sects with all the defects of official Communism — fanaticism, centralism and abstraction — without the characteristics and advantages which Communism derives from the presence of large numbers of workers. On a number of occasions, we were told, so-called Fascists had beaten up, injured and sometimes killed persons who had done nothing wrong in the eyes of the law, merely because they were a nuisance to the Impresario, and that too might be natural enough.

Berardo’s mother, Maria Rosa is poor and despairs of fontwmara when she sees his field destroyed by the flood and because she wants to see her son married to Elvira. The Solito Sconosciuto is a rebel, conspiring against the government and producing clandestine newspapers denouncing scoundrels, inciting workers to strike and citizens to disobey.

In an atmosphere of intimidation the policy discussions began. A united Europe on the existing capitalist basis ‘would result in the fontaara of finance and heavy capital across the whole continent. The denunciation was typed out and signed for him by Togliatti.


For one thing he was expelled from the Communist Party just at fontanara time when many others were joining it. He was certainly not a pastor able to risk his life to defend his flock against wolves, but he was educated enough in his religion to explain how, from the moment God created wolves, he recognised that from time to time they had the right to devour some sheep. Retrieved from ” https: What a hard destiny is his. His real name was not Ignazio Silone — he was born Secondino Tranquilli.

From International Socialism 2: The Fascists put measures in place to make life as hard as possible for the peasants. Fontamara is a book forged out of struggle; it is also the personal testament of a revolutionary ibnazio exile, prepared to sacrifice everything, believing himself near death. However he does not listen to them nor take their views into consideration because he sees them as inferior to him.

Silone immediately took on important roles in the new party. L’Unita was the name of the paper founded fontaara Gramsci in and suppressed by Mussolini in In the industrial north the rank and file of the PCI had organised the first mass strikes against fascism.

The Italian Unification is still a recent event to them, they are ignorant of the new Fascist regime and still think that Queen Margherita is alive. We see that the Fontamaresi do not understand who they are when Marietta asks ” Were they our dead? If it wasn’t for his wife donna Clorinda, he wouldn’t have anything.