A convenient, precise and customizable psychrometric chart & calculator tool for 25 26 27 28 29 30 m^3/kg(d.a) 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%. Psychrometrics, psychrometry, and hygrometry are names for the field of engineering . The ASHRAE-style psychrometric chart, shown here, was pioneered by. Use chart to analyze processes involving moist Psychrometric chart: Example 1 . Given: T = 25°C . m wide x m long, and the boards are separated by.

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Visualize 2 measurements by comparing them on the chart. The dew point temperature is equal to the fully saturated dry bulb or wet bulb temperatures. Definitely review both guides before continuing. Identify 2 known measurements that are on the chart. So the temperature value that allows this process condensation to take place is called the ‘dew point temperature’.

The psychrometric ratio of air-water vapor mixtures is approximately unity, which implies that the difference between the adiabatic saturation temperature and wet bulb temperature of air-water vapor mixtures is small.

How to Read a Psychrometric Chart: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Archived copy as title Webarchive template wayback links. This will help when it comes time to use the measurements in an equation.

Humidity ratio is usually expressed as mass of moisture per mass of dry air pounds or kilograms of moisture per pound or kilogram of dry air, respectively. The value indicated by a wet-bulb thermometer often provides an adequate approximation of the thermodynamic wet-bulb temperature.


For other pressures relevant corrections fhart to be applied. Use a ruler to locate other measurements at the point of intersection. A psychrometer is a device that includes both a dry-bulb and a wet-bulb thermometer. The protractor on the upper left of the chart has two scales. In meteorology and psychrometrics the word temperature by itself without a prefix usually means dry-bulb ihvs.

It is not to be confused with Psychometry. However, you can also use relative humidity, enthalpy, and specific volume to make estimated conclusions.

Thus with the aid of the chart we either heat or cool, add moisture or dehumidify as required in order to bring the air into the comfort zone. Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat We notice from the development in Section a that the equations relating relative and specific humidity, temperature wet and dry bulbpressure air, vapor and enthalpy are quite tedious and inconvenient.

The moisture present within the air is indicated by the vertical scale located towards the extreme right.

Chapter 2, Measurement of Temperature. Architectural acoustics Architectural engineering Architectural technologist Building services engineering Building information modeling BIM Deep energy retrofit Duct leakage testing Environmental engineering Hydronic balancing Kitchen exhaust cleaning Mechanical ihvs Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing Mold growth, assessment, and remediation Refrigerant reclamation Testing, adjusting, balancing.

In human terms, our thermal comfort is in large part a consequence of not just the temperature of the surrounding air, but because we cool ourselves via perspiration the extent to which that air is saturated with water vapor.


Many substances are hygroscopicmeaning they attract water, usually in proportion to the hcart humidity or above a critical relative humidity.

Psychrometric Chart Use

Find the humidity ratio labeled on the right vertical axis. From there, compare the difference in the measurements and make note of how the change affected the air. Include psychrometrkc email address to get a message when this question is answered. Retrieved 18 September The range is from 0 for dry air up to 0. From any two independent ones of the six parameters dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, relative humidity, humidity ratio, specific enthalpy, and specific volume, all the others can be determined.

Next to or along the same vertical line as the dew point measurements, there will be markings denoting the various vapor pressures in inches of mercury or millibars.

What is Psychrometric Chart? Introduction to Reading the Psychrometric Properties of Air

These intersect the saturation curve at DBT point. Using the Psychrometric Chart neatly plot the required air conditioning process and estimate a the amount of moisture removed [ This type of cooler is extremely popular in hot, dry climates, and is popularly known as a Swamp Cooler.

The air in contact with the windows will become colder until the dew point is psychromstric.