The elder Archimandrite Cleopa (Ilie, April 10, December 2, ) is widely known as a great spiritual father of Romanian monasticism and a guide for. Archimandrite Cleopa (Ilie; –) was a well known twentieth century writer and spiritual elder of Romania. One chapter in his book, The Truth of Our Faith. Fr. Cleopa has found his place in history as the most representative elder and spiritual father of contemporary Romanian Orthodox spirituality. The last twenty.

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Nu cate vrem noi ci toate,daca nu respecti una din porunci te faci iliee de nerespectarea tuturor poruncilor. His parents, Alexandru and Ana Ilie, called him Constantin, and he was the fifth child of the ten to this family of diligent and religious peasants.

Otherwise our prayers and our gifts, if they come from a heart full of sins, hatred and evil, will not be iile by the Most Holy Virgin Mary. The first Person to bring the teachings of ikie New Testament with a living voice to the ears of the people was our Saviour Jesus Christ Himself, Who taught the people continually for three and a half years, spreading His Gospel without writing any of it down.

Cleopa – painting from his memorial cell It is enough instead for us to recognize the Old Testament books mentioned in the passage to which you refer. Iliw all the efforts which you say the Orthodox Church has made and continues to make relative to the truth of Tradition, some believe only the teachings which are contained in Holy Scripture.

Dearest to Christ, search all of Holy Scripture and see if you will find this citation.

Cleopa’s grave 8 Fr. In order to praise the Child and Virgin Mary, we must have good-natured hearts, as have infants, and a pure life untainted by carnal sins. Out of Print–Limited Availability.


Photos of Fr. Cleopa Ilie

Archimandrite Ilir Ilie; — was a well known twentieth century writer and spiritual elder of Romania. Whatever is of Apostolic origin and is practiced by the Fathers becomes valid as tradition, and has the power of law in the Church of Christ The RudderNeamts Monastery,Canons 87, Dearest to Christ, you do not discern the difference between the teachings of human traditions and those that proceed from the apostolic and evangelical tradition.

However, the Apostle Jude is not the only one to speak from Tradition. The Holy Apostle Jude says in his catholic epistle, including in verse nine: Views Read View clfopa View history.

On Holy Tradition

That is why he insisted that the language of the liturgy should not be translated into the contemporary spoken vernacular. Daca un cult indiferent de nume are o dogma in care practica idolatria ,minciuna si alte nelegiuri care se abat de iliie poruncile lui Dumnezeu yahweh practic ii slujesc lui Satan. The Church lived the truth of the Gospel even before anything was committed to writing, having lived by Holy Tradition from the outset.

This king committed so many sins that it is even beyond expression.

Cleopa Ilie – Wikipedia

Furthermore, we have established that the Holy Apostles and Evangelists believed and preached abundantly from Holy Tradition, which they inherited from of old, and which is not written anywhere in Holy Scripture. Afterwards he was an apprentice for three years to the monk Paisie Olaru, who lived in seclusion at the Cozancea hermitage.

These Fathers admonished the faithful ccleopa their day to guard themselves from the teachings of heretics, and to fully maintain only the Apostolic Tradition Eusebius of Caesarea, Ecclesiastical History, 2: Ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.

Therefore, the order by which the Church upholds the unwritten is cleops follows: When he came back he was appointed abbot of Slatina Monastery, Suceava, where he gathered a community of 80 monks. I,ie people to the contrary advise weaker Christians to slander and abandon the Apostolic and evangelical traditions, not understanding that Holy Scripture itself is a fruit of ccleopa Holy Spirit, and it grew out of the roots and tree of Holy Tradition.


Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Hence, it is not possible for an inner contradiction to exist between the two, or for us to exclude one from the other. The Church of Christ determined the truths of the Faith, according to the long course of Tradition, through the teachings and canons of the holy Ecumenical Councils, decrees and the Symbol of Faith [The Creed], and by confessions [of Faith] made by holy and wonderworking hierarchs at the many local synods which have been held continuously since days of old.

Cleopa (Ilie)

From where did the two Apostles—Jude and Paul—take these words? Cleopa’s memorial cell 18 Fr. To praise Her Who was to become the Mother of the Son of God we must have the heart of a mother, the tenderness and patience of a mother, and the love and compassion of a mother for all. Amazon Clopa Find, attract, and engage customers. It is true that both have remained within a reciprocal unity and intimate relationship—a relationship based upon the fact that both ipie the holy Revelation of God, and are the fount and source of Revelation for us.

Father Cleopa Ilie Romanian ccleopa Diferenta dintre parintele Cleopa si Preanefericitul si Preascundul Daniel se vede de la 1 km. After all, the Apostle counsels us: