The Illuminates Of Thanateros. 1st edition. This book is dedicated to the Great Work of Magick and to all those interested in practical magickal work. To those. The Illuminates of Thanateros is essentially a practical Order, acting to organise local groups (Temples) and larger meetings, where members can take part in. Liber Null, a book by Pete Carroll, was originally written as a sourcebook for the magical organization, Illuminates of Thanateros. It includes.

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Note that names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Could ilpuminates also be just a coincidence that these same disclosures allege the involvement of at least one social worker in the cult, and that the social worker who undermined his disclosures to the police had just transferred to Bristol from Wales? IOT members such as Ramsey Dukessaintstephen, Dave Lee, Julian Vayne, and many others continue to produce a large part of the literature available as regards chaos magic.

Permission is here granted to reproduce the above on any medium, provided it is done so in its entirety, without editing or censorship. illuminages

Illuminates of Thanateros North America

I am also happy for you to share it with thanatedos police. At the time of publishing this I have yet to receive any reply. Nevertheless, the myopia, and sheer lack of concern, from some people over this matter has been shocking in itself. These organised and systematic abuses had begun when he was just six years old and continued at least until his disclosures tyanateros the age of In these days of neuromancy, astral bi-location is easy.

Support has not been lacking, however. Thank you for your time and concern.

We are both available for you to meet with and speak to face to face concerning this very serious matter. Regardless of whether I can bring charges against them the danger to us remains very real. This page was last illuminatew on 28 Decemberat I shall not, therefore, be pressing charges against her. It illuminqtes also be apparent that the founders of The OLD HAGS moot have shown an alarming lack of concern over this very serious issue and have demonstrated a complete lack of integrity.


The New Encyclopedia of The Occult. Understandably I am sad and angry about this.

Members are obliged to keep silent on internal affairs and the identities of their fhanateros. The cosmic implications of this most beautiful of all mathematical forms and the perfect mandala, its equations applicable to macrocosm and microcosm alike, are the closest we might ever come to a Grand Theory of Everything, even if it does still beg the questions how?


Helmut and Ralph promoted that doctrine in Germany, and recruited many members who adhered to it. As chance would have it, or unseen laws if you believe in such things, it was on our route between home and town, so we passed it almost every day and never forgot to throw a curse.

You are illumlnates using your Facebook account. We have no reason to lie. It is not like either of us owed her any favours, nor anyone else we have warned, but at least ghanateros tried. Illuminates of Thanateros, or IOT, was founded in by Pete Carroll and Ray Sherwin as a hierarchical organization based on the Greek gods of sex and death and the idea of chaos magic.

Eventually, Peter Carroll learned more about the doctrines that Ralph was teaching, and criticized him for it. Due to this social worker the entire investigation was seriously compromised right from the start.

It should be clear to anyone the antagonism between Vayne and myself is far more serious than any petty vendetta, as he has attempted to claim it can be dismissed as. We suspect Carroll is also guilty of online libel against my partner of 15 years, Jasmine DeVille.


At that time there were no published disclosures identifying any of the children abused by the cult as either male or disabled, let alone who had been abused between infancy and teenage years. Email required Address never made public. I shall not be adding any further information regarding this overall situation as I do not want the guilty to know. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In the late s, Ray Sherwin and Peter Carrolltwo young British occultists with a strong interest in ritual magicbegan to publish a magazine called The New Equinox.

That led to an untenable conflict between Peter and Ralph, which culminated in Ralph and all of his followers seceding from the IoT.

Please note — I am not here alleging that there is a real Illuminati — merely that the cult like to pretend they are a satrap of said group. If you are a concerned and trusted friend please do write to me and I can inform you privately. So shall it be.

Junkies make deals immediately outside his gates. I have thnaateros fears for her safety, since these dangerous sexual abusers have such a hold over her life. Carroll and his dupes even have the gall to pretend their bullshit is validated by science.

In all this time, despite many complaints illumniates the guilty, the police have not made me edit or take down my website. Our culture as a whole is undergoing a convulsion, and people are only beginning to realise paedophile rings even exist, let alone the extent of the problem, and Paganism has been no exception.